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    I want to start this with I’m really going to try to be kind as I want to encourage an Alaskan author and appreciate that they wrote a book That being said I had a hard time with this book and I am a harsh critic I read a lot and I am very opinionated I hear Patsy laughing as I type this It was too predictable cliché and run of the mill Ye

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    This book is so well written I couldn't put it down and had to read it from cover to cover It's not a typical love story as Dana tries to come to terms with a traumatic experience from her youth Through Luke she i

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Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó Jean Hatfield

As a survivor of childhood trauma Dana knows she has to let go of the past if she's ever going to move on The natural landscape of Southcentral Alaska far from her life with her longtime boyfriend Mar k calls to her as a place to heal A place where she hopes she can sort out her feelings for him and cast ou.

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The Glass Ball

T her demons once and for all There's only one problem Luke the handsome young widower who befriends her soon after her arrival This magical summer in Alaska filled with the beauty of the north country will change Dana's and Luke's lives forever And maybe just maybe give them the renewed hope they both need.

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó Jean Hatfield

The Glass Ball is a love story not often told Both realistic and poignant it shows that love and intimacy can be healing forces valuable in their own right as part of the evolving stories of our lives This is a story not so much about finding happily ever after as it is about realizing it is within our rea.