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Desira cannot resist their addictive musk she may face a fate as little than an orcish breeding slave Beyond the Borderlands Rise of the Orc ueen is the newest installment in the dark fantasy series A 15000 word story of political intrigue orcish breeding lesbian loving and a princess willing to do whatever it takes to take back her throne it is for adults onl.

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Beyond the Borderlands

Desira Locks always knew she would sit on the throne of Lamor Yet that certainty has become rather tenuous for two reasons One is a band of orcs who have taken up residence in her lands raiding the country and menacing her city The second is her uncle who covets the throne she’ll one day hold and weaves a web of treachery and power to ensnare the young prince.

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Ss Hatching a plan with a loyal ranger Desira moves to deal with the orcish clan But when her uncle tries to have her killed he’ll find that she’s resourceful than he could have dreamed Fleeing her castle she seeks aid from the last source anyone would expect the very orcs that menace her home Yet the orcs will demand payment from the lovely princess and if.