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Hic artist SelinaEnter Smith the sister who saved Selina once before But this time Smith’s life is complicated by a small boy called Ragnar and she’s almost too lateJanis Freegard’s novel is a beguiling urban tale that moves from the hills of Brooklyn Wellington to the streets of Icelan 35

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The Year of Falling

When the porcelain dolls start turning up on Selina’s doorstep she knows it’s a bad sign Shortly afterwards she embarks on an ill judged affair with a celebrity TV chef Both events and the lies and untold truths at their heart precipitate a spectacular fall from grace for high flying grap Falling falling from grace falling in love falling out of love falling over falling down falling apart the harder you fallso many uotes about falling and they could all apply to the characters in this first novel from Wellington poet and short story writer Janis Freegard Such a clever and simple idea to build a story around The lives in various stages of falling are those of two sisters Selina and Smith Their mother deserted them and their father when Selina was just a toddler and Smith was a teenager Even though their father did the best job he could raising his daughters by himself the absence of their mother has affected both girls in uite diverse ways over the years sinceSelina is now 29 a graphic designer working for an advertising company in Wellington city single living alone in a flat in Brooklyn on the property of her landlady uilla a semi reclusive older woman with her own story to tell Selina is uite frankly a bit of mess She

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D via Tākaka Packed with characters who hold the reader to the page The year of falling has the strut and gleam of a fairytale while not being afraid of the stuff of flesh and blood that makes people act the way they do A novel to fall into but beware you might find it hard to climb out agai Rich evocative mesmerising

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    Falling falling from grace falling in love falling out of love falling over falling down falling apart the harder you fall

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    This book feels thoroughly inhabited by it's characters The settings and characters feel real The descriptions of people internal and external allow you to know them in the times described but the reader is given room to wander about in their possible pasts and futures by what is unsaid And such a great range o

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    This book should come with a warning may be impossible to put down The characters are fantastic I wish I could meet some of them the language is lovely the situations are real and gritty and grittier still and to top it all off it's a wildly gr

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    Rich evocative mesmerising

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    I really enjoyed The year of fallingTruth to tell I suspected I might simply because I always ‘heart’ Janis Freegard’s poetry and loved her short story The Magician which featured in Tales for Canterbury Random Static 2011 a few years back However I’m also aware that sustaining creativity storytelling and art over

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    I think it is the sign of a good writer when you find one of the characters intensely irritating but you still keep reading Luckily there is than one voice in this novel and it slowly becomes apparent what is behind the den

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