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Become another victim of the Bermuda Triangle when she set out for a weekend of fun with friends And she certainly never would've guessed she was about to be sucked into an alternate universe where the.


Plains of Giah

Mariah's flight across the Bermuda Triangle turns into the adventure of a lifetime when she's captured by the warrior Alexius Chief of the Centaur Tribe known as the DemosthenesMariah hadn't expected to.

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Creatures of Earth's mythological past lived And yet the moment she realized the' herd of horses' she spotted were actually centaurs she knew that something was definitely very wrong with her flight pa.

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    I'm wavering between 15 and 175 Honestly this book was a mess The plotit was on speed They had one issue after another and it all just seemed so improbable She crash lands in this alternate world is taken captive by the centaurs then escapes an