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In the rugged Ozarks of beautiful Branson Missouri a woman struggles to save her marriage and finds answers from an unexpected source Allison felt like she'd stepped into a fairy tale when she married widower Burke Caldwell But after less than a year of marriage he's become removed and distant His friends see Allison as little than a trophy wife his only daughter regards her as the enemy With everyone so devoted to the memory of Burke's first wife Kate how can Allison possibly compe. As I was devouring this read I had to wonder if all would survive until the last page was turnedA major accident the mob a new trophy wife a step mother a college daughter just a few of the plots of this bookWas the accident just an accident Well the you look into Burke s company the you will wonderThe title of this read is another sub plot and it allows Allison to come to love her husband s deceased wife Got your attention yes and what a relationship and bond they seem to formThere is danger here people you really don t mess around with and we have a college age daughter herself in love with a man that her dad might not approve of An emotional read but one you will keep turning pages for answers forAs I got to the end and really involved in the character s lives I sure appreciated the epilogueI received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Zebra and was not reuired to give a positive review

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Letters from Peaceful Lane

Te Then a harrowing car crash leaves Burke badly injured But it becomes achingly clear that the woman Burke wants by his side is the wife he lost No longer able to dismiss the power Kate still holds Allison can't resist reading a trove of hidden letters from Kate to Burke What she discovers sets her mind reeling The letters give Allison an enlightening window into her husband's heart But will she have the courage to put aside her own fears and grab hold of a love as big and bold as. You know the saying about not judging a book by its cover Maybe we should also add Don t judge a book by its title because OMG this book was NOTHING like what I was expecting And this time it wasn t a bad thingAllison fell deeply in love with and married rich widower Burke But things have been strained lately Unbeknownst to Allison Burke s theater in Branson Missouri is struggling financially and she only finds out when his business partner lets the info slip after Burke leaves in the middle of his own birthday party to deal with an issue at the theater Before he can get there he s in a terrible car crash which sets in motion a potential for disaster with his businessThis book kept me engaged There was a lot going onAllison and Burke s marriage Allison s struggle to have a relationship with her stepdaughter the stepdaughter s relationship with her boyfriend the attempted takeover of Burke s business It all made for a fast paced storyThen we have the dead wife s letters to Burke that Allison reads which is what I thought this book would mostly be about Except it really wasn tWith all that was going on I couldn t help but feel nothing was given the full attention it deserved and nothing had an adeuate resolution I think this book wanted to be a romance but also a suspensemysterythriller Except we meet the hero and heroine when things are already strained between them and there s no good reconciliation scene at the end and for what Burke pulled there needed to be an apology and groveling And the situation with the business was resolved off page which was so anticlimacticI read this book in less than 24 hours which hasn t been the case for me the past several months The plot was fast paced and the story was compelling I went in thinking this would be a heartbreaking romance about a woman sitting at her husband s hospital deathbed fighting for their marriage and got something nowhere near close to that The cover and title were cleverly deceptive However I feel the execution of the plot was a little all over the place I m still not sure what the author was trying to accomplish by having the heroine read the first wife s letters because they didn t help ME feel like I knew Burke better and I m not sure how they helped Allison fight for her marriage And for a book where the villain had mob connections things were fairly tame and resolved with little fanfareAll that being said I liked the writing and I liked the characters So even though this book didn t completely work for me I ll definitely give Janet Dailey another read thank you to NetGalley and Kensington BooksZebra for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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The man she once dared to marryPraise for Janet Dailey and her bestselling novelsFans of Dailey's sweet small town romances are sure to delight in this story of second chances and new beginnings RT Book Reviews on Just a Little Christmas Dailey is one of my favorite authors for western romances and Sunrise Canyon did not disappoint Romance Junkies on Sunrise Canyon Wonderful Cowgirl Magazine on Sunrise Canyon Dailey confirms her place as a top megaseller Kirkus Reviews on Calder Pri. The story of a woman who saves her marriage after reading the letters her husband s late wife wrote to himH treats h as a trophy wife apparently she was a deprived child so he wants to give her everything he is very much in love with her or so its said h is happy to spend money redecorating H s house but decides a year later that she wants his time and attention than his money she didn t know he was having financial difficulties and of course she wanted to have her dream house His friends make fun of her and make constant comparisons with his late wife who was appaently the strong earth mother type H s daughter was a spoiled brat whose father had indulged her a lot she was a regular brat towards h h feels lost comes across some letters H s late wife wrote him and decides to read them its a distasteful thing to do creepy but since this is the main plot I guess I have to live with it and takes inspiration from them becomes strong Strangely enough the h who is unhappy with the constant comparisons with the late wife tries to mold herself in the same way strong no nonsense earth mother but with the blonde hairdo and upper class wife s clothing and jewelry she loses her characterH is weak and his daughter a real brat Oh and the best part H is fond of calling h by late wife s name once while they are making out h is hurt but later feels she shouldn t make such a big deal out of itIMHO if H says he loves h a lot then why call her by someone else s nameThis book didn t work for me it would have if h realised late wife was also just a woman who made her fair share of massive mistakes and realised she didn t have to compare herself with the OW that she was ok just the way she was not by trying to emulate the late wife s so called strength Am giving 1 star for the bratty daughter s potential bf who is a nice guy

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    This was a uick easy romance novel with a nice even though unbelievable story and several interesting characters The main characters are Allison the new younger wife who is perceived to be a 'trophy wife' but has hidden strengths and lots of love for her husband Burke Burke owns a theater in Branson MS that has fallen on hard times and he needs a loan to revitalize the theater His daughter Brianna is a spoil

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    Letters From Peaceful Lane is a romance story Janet Dailey books are always hit or miss for me This one was a miss I had trouble believing some parts of the story I didn't connect with the characters It just wasn't for me Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review

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    As I was devouring this read I had to wonder if all would survive until the last page was turnedA major accident the mob a new trophy wife a ste

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    You know the saying about not judging a book by its cover? Maybe we should also add “Don’t judge a book by its title” because OMG this book was NOTHING like what I was expecting And this time it wasn’t a bad thingAllison fell deeply in love with and married rich widower Burke But things have been strained lately Unbeknownst to Allison Burke’s theater in Branson Missouri is struggling financially and

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    Allison is struggling to find her place in the established life of her new husband Burke and his 19 year old daughter Brianna Burke’s friends constantly compare Allison to his beloved late wife Kate and Brianna sees her as the wicked witch of the west After a terrible car accident Burke is left helpless in the hospital and his company in turmoil During this crisis Allison stumbles upon letters from Kate she begins to read them in an eff

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    Allison felt like her life was all rainbows and roses but looks are deceivingBurke was married before to Kate however there was something else to his story something he didn't truly shareAfter his tragic car crash Allison his trophy wife began to explore and located Kate's letters to her husbandThey were intimate detailed and personal and she

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    I loved reading Janet Dailey growing up I remember her Americana series where every state had a story Obviously I picked these up during a repr

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    Janet Dailey gives us a story of love second chances and courage We find Allison Caldwell out on the balcony while everyone else is inside celebrating her husband's birthday She overhears the guests as they criticize her party her redecorating and her marriage She is constantly being compared to the first Mrs Caldwell by his friends and family and not to mention being called Kate by her own husband at times of stress W

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    The story of a woman who saves her marriage after reading the letters her husband's late wife wrote to himH trea

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    Allison Caldwell is taking a break from her husband's birthday party and the snide remarks from his friends and family about his trophy wife and hearing about the perfect first wife not knowing that by the next morning her