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Characters Lord Courtneys Lady

Lord Courtneys Lady

Society whispered knowingly of Lord Courtney's abrupt marriage to a girl of no social standing And though he tolerated no slur.

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S on her dignity his chronic carousing left less than bliss in their marriage bed So Susan's spiteful flight with a conniving.

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French court seemed like grounds for a scandalous divorce Until she found herself held captive for a ransom precious than gold.

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    Major spoilers Sorry No way around itWelpthis one wasuma refreshing surprise This happy little nugget starts with a nice crunchy scene with ba

  2. says:

    A very different Hero and a very non pc HEA

  3. says:

    This is one of my all time favorite historical romances I wish that Ms Morgan had written a dozen It is romantic A rake receives his comeuppa

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