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No Silver Spoon

Would only be in the way once Lewis and his glamorous girlfriend were married But was that really why she felt so apprehensive about the thought of Lewis's marriage.

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Love Here she was at the tender age of seventeen consigned to the guardianship of Lewis Craig her father's old friend who couldn't possibly want her After all she.

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A fortune teller had once told Glanna that she had a great gift for loving but what was the use of having a loving heart thought Glanna sadly when she had no one to.

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Eileen Norah Owbridge was born on 8 September 1903 she lived in Preston Sussex England and passed away on 4 February 1994Under the pseudonym Jane Arbor she wrote over 55 romance novel for Mills & Boon from 1948 to 1985 She started writing doctor nurse romances and many have been reedited with diferent titles that included the words nurse doctor or surgeon Later she focused her wri

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