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What has mystery passion humor action intrigue adventure and over 999000 characters The answer is Breaking Tecumseh's Curse the inspirational and informative 450 page 200000 word non fiction memoir written by Jan Marie and Bob Ritter Although painstakingly researched and true the book is written in the entertaining style of a nonfiction novelIt relates the couple's early years together when Bob was an agent with the United States Secret Service in Washington DC “It’s the first Secret Service book told from a spouse’s perspective” says author Jan Marie Rich in emotion Breaking Tecumseh’s Curse is the heartfelt love story of a young couple’s journey through some extraordinary timesFrom 1840 to 1960 every United States presiden.

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Breaking Tecumsehs Curse

T elected or reelected in a year ending in zero died in office Of those seven presidents four were assassinated Breaking Tecumseh’s Curse unfolds the real life adventures of the US Secret Service agent who tried to change tomorrow Through enhanced protective procedures Secret Service Agent Bob Ritter hoped to prevent a similar fate for the president elected in 1980 Ronald Reagan Some never before published information regarding the Reagan assassination attempt is revealedThere’s also an exciting historical look at assassination and the Secret Service including a provocative profile of accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald Breaking Tecumseh’s Curse spotlights a dangerous period for the Secret Service from 1972 1982 During that tim.


E five assassination attempts took place against persons protected by the USSS than any other era The book presents the historic events of the time and a rare insider's look at the Secret Service The little known field of protective intelligence is featured With hope for preventing future tragedies some successful strategies for predicting dangerousness in individuals are also explored Bob's mantra of desperate people are dangerous people and assessment techniues developed by him jump off the page at a time when violence terrorism and mass murders are all too often in the news We can change our tomorrows declare the Ritters Join Bob Ritter and his fellow agents for fun adventure and some sorrow too as they try to break Tecumseh’s Curs.