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THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION is breaking out all around him but Charlie Doig has a private war to fight Even if he dies in the attempt he's going to track down and kill Prokhor Glebov the Bolshevik who murdered Doig's beautiful wife Elizaveta Certain that Glebov will sooner or later turn up at Lenin's side Doig makes his way to St Petersburg There amidst the chaos of th.

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Cold Blood

E Revolution Charlie discovers that Glebov has been put in charge of the political re education of the Tsar and his family in Ekaterinburg The chase begins Having captured an ard train Charlie and the ragtag private army he has recruited fight their way toward Siberia Near Kazan he hears rumors that the Tsar's gold reserves are in the city and that Glebov is also.

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After them He determines that he'll avenge Elizaveta and grab the gold in one swoop James Fleming is one of modern fiction's great stylists His prose is marvelously robust and vivid his plot breathtaking in its pace and excitement and his protagonist as the Independent said of the previous Doig novel White Blood is the right kind of hero virile ruthless adventurou.

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    R sex language violence

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    This was a fantastic bit of historical fiction Set around the Russian Revolution it shows what the Russian people went through whil

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    good thriller based in russia at the start of the revolution

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