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Murasaki Shikibus the Tale of Genji

Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji is variously read as a work of feminist protest the world's first psychological novel and even as a post modern masterpiece Commonly seen as Japan's greatest literary work its literary cultural and historical significance has been thoroughly acknowledged As a work focused on the complexities of Japanese court life in the Heian period however the The Tale of Genji has never before been the subject of philosophical investigation The essays in this volume address this oversight arguing that the work contains much that lends itself

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An underlying framework of philosophical assumptions about the world of the novel that have implications for how we understand these concerns beyond the world of Genji Each essay in this collection reveals a part of this framework situating individual themes within larger philosophical and historical contexts In doing so the essays both challenge prevailing views of the novel and each other offering a range of philosophical interpretations of the text and emphasizing the The Tale of Genji's place as a masterful work of literature with broad philosophical significan

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To philosophical analysisThe authors of this volume demonstrate that The Tale of Genji confronts universal themes such as the nature and exercise of political power freedom individual autonomy and agency renunciation gender and self expression; it raises deep concerns about aesthetics and the role of art causality the relation of man to nature memory and death itself Although Murasaki Shikibu may not express these themes in the text as explicitly philosophical problems the complex psychological tensions she describes and her observations about human conduct reveal

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James McMullen is a University Lecturer in Japanese Retired and Fellow Emeritus of Pembroke and St Antony’s Colleges University of Oxford and Fellow of the British Academy

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