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812 In the late 19th century Balti was second only to Ellis Island as an entry port for European immigrants many of whom initially settled in Fell’s Point When the Great Fire of 1904 swept through Balti Fell’s Point was the only historic neighborhood that survived In the 1960s fight to keep from being demolished for an expresswa.

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Fell's Point Images of America Maryland

Fell’s Point Balti’s original deep water port was founded in 1726 by William Fell a shipbuilder from England The community’s shipyards developed the famed Balti Clippers; built two of the first ships in the United States Navy the USS Constellation and the USS Enterprise; and financed the privateers that helped win the War of 1.

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Y Fell’s Point became Maryland’s first district listed on the National Register of Historic Places Today in Fell’s Point cultures lifestyles and generations mingle in a romantic seaport setting accented by working tugboats cobblestone streets tiny brick row houses and a dazzling variety of bars restaurants shops and coffeehous.

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    It was nice to put a story behind almost every site in my new neighborhood Now it has a history rather than a collection of random buildings This was part of Jen's plan to get me to like B'More better and it worked

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