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San must work together to get the silver out of the ground and keep it out of the clutches of Fox the local lawyer and all around villain When he sets his sights on Susan she proposes a marriage of convenie

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Silver Sweethearts

Nce to Jed Can he wed her without bedding her Can they work the claim together with him digging and her cooking not too well at first and go their separate ways Can Jed keep her safe from Fox and his henchm

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Susan Marie Van Pelt escapes from the family brownstone in New York City to join her papa on his silver claim in Nevada Jed Miller buried his partner Digger Van Pelt a month before Susan shows up Jed and Su

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    This is a well detailed story of a girl who arrives in Nevada to find her father and his big silver mine only to find that he has died and other people including his mining partner have their eyes on his claim Kidnapping greedy lawyers basic

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