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T city of Istanbulknown for its rich colors culture and cuisinecomes a culinary exploration of the wonderful food far beyond the infamous doner kebab Spanning breakfast dishes to midnight snacks with leisurely meals in between the authentic recipes call on the iconic fresh ingredients and spices.

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Yemek by Isabel Lezmi

All easy to source that define Turkish cooking The exuisite recipes are interlaced with personal stories and gorgeous lifestyle photography providing a compelling food journey through this beautiful cityand showing how to bring the bold and unforgettable flavors of Turkey into your home kitchen.

CHARACTERS Yemek by Isabel Lezmi

Savor the magnificent food and beauty of Istanbul in this inspiring cookbook The authentic recipes from mezze to desserts are surprisingly simple to re create in any home kitchen and call on the iconic fresh ingredients and spices all easy to source that define Turkish cookingFrom the resplenden.

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