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  • Lagom AUTHOR Ingrid Nilsson
  • Ingrid Nilsson
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  • 10 May 2017
  • 9781985850323

2 thoughts on “Lagom AUTHOR Ingrid Nilsson

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    Love the concept just not particularly well written Very redundant and somewhat disorganized Some good examples on how to live lagom

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    Excellent This book came to me at a time I was forced to revamp my lifestyle to living in the moment Will re read often

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Lagom AUTHOR Ingrid Nilsson

Scandinavia sets the course for happiness in life again Yesterday we followed the trends of the Danish hygge and like Danes bought candles wrapped ourselves in woolen blankets and tried not to deny ourselves little pleasures But there are other recipes for happiness and long life Swedish lagom Norwegian friluftsliv and Japanese Ikigai also deserve attention Today hygge is being replaced by lagom where at the head of everything is the Swedish aesthetics of moderation The creative director of

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The British magazine Lagom Elliot Stokes believes that the difference between lagom and hygge is in the scale This is a comprehensive concept that defines a lifetime he explains It's not about finding a minute for the lagom It is necessary to change the attitude towards life in its entiretySwedes are reasonable they think well before investing money in any purchase are endowed with a careful attitude towards the natural resources They value their time and energy and do not spend it on some

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Thing unnecessary In life the Swedish descendants of the Vikings try to adhere to the happy medium it's bad when a person is missing something but having too much of something is also not good Yes we do not live in Sweden but everyone can add lagom to their lives In this book we will cover the following topics What is Lagom Lagom Lifestyle and Lagom and Swedish Wellbeing Finally you will be able to complete a 30 Day Lagom Challenge bringing and lagom into your life with each task you comple