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This particular book to assist them in developing their students' practical ability and understanding of Arabic This coursebook is written in a smooth language and is supported by generous examples with their translation in English Arabic Stylistics A Coursebook is highly beneficial for both teachers and learners of Arabic as a foreign langua.

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Arabic Stylistics A Coursebook

Arabic has been taught as a foreign language throughout the world Yet no book has been available for teachers and students that illustrates to them the stylistic mechanism of Arabic This shows the urgent need for a reference book on Arabic stylistics that can develop the student's stylistic competence as well as enhance hisher writing and com.

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Munication skills needed for this vital modern language Arabic Stylistics A Coursebook aims to help the learner to acuire sound awareness of the recurrent structural patterns of modern standard Arabic and develop hisher analytical stylistic skills This coursebook is also of great value to the teachers of Arabic as a foreign language who need.

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