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    Carpenter is better known for his biography of Tolkien JRR Tolkien A Biography and the first The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature but he was also an author of fiction too The Mr Majeika series tell the story of a wizard who arrives to teach Class Three in St Barty's Primary School Ideal for a class read or a newly independent reader

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    Oh nostalgia I loved this when I was small

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    Mr Majeika is the first book in a series of books that revolves around an extraordinary teacher with magical powers Within the first book Mr Majeika begins his new job as a class three teacher but his entrance is far from what you would expect of a teacher He arrives through the classroom window on a magic carpet which the children at the

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    Mr Majeika and the haunted Hotel by Humphrey CarpenterThe focus on this particular story centres on the main character of M

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    At some point in our childhoods many of us would have wished that we could do magic so that we could fly or make things disappear and reappear again Now imagine the excitement if we all had a wizard for a teacherMr Majeika unlike the rest of us turns up for his first day at school on a magic carpet Despite all

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    Mr Majeika is a fun easy to read book Mr Majika turns up to Class Three at the begining of term and all is well at first However this begins to

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    Class 2 enjoyed this amusing story of a teacher with magic powers and the come uppance of an unpleasant class mat

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    Easy but fun and adventurous book to read

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    Read it to the 68yos this time and they really liked it Still looking out for the rest of the series

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Mr Majeika Young Puffin Books

Like any ordinary teacher if he wants to but something has to be done about Hamish Big the class nuisance and so he uses a little magic to turn him into a frog And to everyone's delight it looks as if Hamish will h. Mr Majeika and the haunted Hotel by Humphrey CarpenterThe focus on this particular story centres on the main character of Mr Majeika a teacher at St Barty s Primary School Mr Majeika however is no ordinary teacher who is constantly entering unusual and exciting adventures When he and his class three find themselves stranded in a mysterious and creepy hotel it unfolds a series of incredible events Within this creepy hotel some very spooky things starts to happen and immediately captures the reader s attention Incidents such as ghostly sounds vanishing people through walls and doors followed by strange lights ignite the sense of mystery and adventure evident in this book Other characters such as Hamish Big also add to the humour that can also be seen in this book Undoubtedly the mixture of mystery and humour that catches the reader s attention along with the well detailed illustrations of the main characters and important events is what makes this book so good The use of complex sentences are also of a good uality which would be beneficial to any child throughout his education within Key stage 2

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Ave to remain a frog because Mr Majeika can't remember the spell to turn him back again With Mr Majeika in charge suddenly life at school become much exciting – there's even a magic carpet ride to Buckingham Pala. Fun

Characters Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Humphrey Carpenter

As a rule magic carpets don't turn up in schools but this is exactly what happens when Class Three’s new teacher flies in through the classroom window and lands on the floor with a bumpMr Majeika can behave just. Oh nostalgia I loved this when I was small

  • Paperback
  • 96
  • Mr Majeika Young Puffin Books
  • Humphrey Carpenter
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9780140316773

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Humphrey William Bouverie Carpenter was an English biographer writer and radio broadcaster