[PDF] The Exhaustion Breakthrough By Holly Phillips

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And sleep habits are contributing to their lack of energy This guide will help readers understand their exhaustion rule out any underlying illnesses correct any allergies or hormonal issues that may be contributing to extreme tiredness and incorporate lifestyle factors and alternative therapies that will improve overall energy Clear comprehensive and practical The Exhaustion Breakthrough shines a bright light on an issue many people have simply accepted but that they don't have to any long.

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The Exhaustion Breakthrough

It's become the norm to complain that we're always tired In The Exhaustion Breakthrough Dr Holly Phillips aims to end this accepted state of exhaustion and send a message to readers that they do not have to be drained of energy just because they have a demanding job a family or an active social life or all three She also explains the insidious nature of fatigue educating readers on the havoc that persistent tiredness wreaks on the body and mind from weight gain and cognitive impairment to.

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Even a higher risk of heart attack and stroke Dr Holly's passion for the subject stems from the uest to cure her own constant weariness which she struggled with for than 20 years as well as the countless complaints of chronic tiredness she hears from patients each day in her internal medicine practice While a few readers might find a link between their fatigue and a medical condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia Dr Holly knows that many will discover that diet exercise.

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