Shelter By Hollis Shiloh {Summary} by Hollis Shiloh

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It isn't till they get closer that someone says That looks like a wolf a short story 3200 word. A very short short story

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Shelter By Hollis Shiloh

Ed in the back yard half starved and with almost glowing eyes it's so filled with rage and fear. This is a very short story but that is not its problem Short can be good and this is a standalone anyway even though it is supposed to be the 7th instalment in a seriesThe problem is that while the first half is perfect deep understated and moving in a subtle kind of way the second half is not up to the task and disappoints as if another author had written itI wish Ms Shiloh would take the time to rewrite it and give us the perfect jewel she had begun cutting


It's only a dog the FBI agents think when they descend on the drug lord's home Only a dog chain. This was a bit different Slow paced HFN

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    This was a bit different Slow paced HFN

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    This is a sweet short story about an older FBI agent and a traumatized wolf shifter It is very slow burn ending really with the hint of a sexual

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    Short and SatisfyingEveryone can use a hero sometimes I really loved how Hollis Shiloh managed to fully develop the FBI agent Murray in such a short time He's sensitive while having that grizzled old agent feel to him; while he thinks he's not Tommy Lee Jones that's exactly who I pictured when I imagined Murray rescuing the wolf shifter wh

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    This is a very short story but that is not its problem Short can be good and this is a standalone anyway even t

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    Didn't feel completeThis was an interesting story about a shifter who had been captured and abused so much that he had basically lost his human self in the safety of being a wolf The story introduced us to Cade the

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    Sad sweet hopeful MM PRN When FBI Agent Murray finds the abused dog tied up in the backyard he is the only one w

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    Connection A short story A connection between rescued wolf and rescuer They live apart for years But fate draws them together and Murray finally finds the wolf’s name is Cade They are together at last

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    LovelySometimes you only need a few pages to articulate your meaning and Hollis manages this in every book I've read of hersSuch a clever telling of healing and a bond shared

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    A very short short story

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    A cute short story But I wasn't a fan of the way it was told It felt than an outline than a story in it's own right

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