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Of European civilizations Vikings are now recognized not just as “wolves among sheep” brutal warriors and pirates who seized treasures and land and annihilated those who dared to stand in their path They were also skilled and innovative traders explorers settlers craftsmen entrepreneurs shipbuilders and poets whose activities brought them into what may well have been peaceable and constructive contact with various races across Europe and beyond Through their sometimes disruptive activities they had a profound influence on European history interacting with numerous other cultures across an area embracing four continents from Greenland to the Mediterranean and North Africa and from North America to the Middle East and beyond And just as t.

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The Vikings

He Vikings impacted on these peoples and their culture the Vikings themselves absorbed foreign influences and customs into their own civilization The Vikings were essentially a maritime society and some of the most skilled boat builders in history but what precisely drove them to leave their Scandinavian homelands and strike out on long and dangerous sea voyages in search of a new life and fresh opportunities What areas did they settle in or colonize and why Who were their leaders villains and heroes Who were the great historical leaders who dared to oppose them How did they live dress eat play fight and die Which pagan gods did they worship and why did they convert to Christianity Why did the Viking age come to an end And what is their lega.

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Includes pictures Includes a table of contents “Never before has such a terror appeared in Britain” Alcuin of York Vikings epitomize terror bloodthirsty raiders who some thousand years ago looted and pillaged their way across significant swaths of Europe the sight of their approaching sails on the horizon one of the most chilling in history This is the classic and somewhat clichéd image of the Vikings and their fearsome reputation was in many respects well deserved the Norse sagas charting their deeds in all their lurid glory But over the past century thanks to a wealth of new archaeological evidence a much nuanced picture of the Vikings has emerged providing profound insights into one of the most astonishing misunderstood and adaptable.

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    I feel that the aim of this short book is to give a brief overview if the Norse peoples who brought their skills and knowledge to Great Britain Europe and beyond In that aim I feel that it succeeded Other volumes can run on and on about Lindisfarne and all that as well as those dedicated to the Norse religious

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    Loved itIt was a great read Very informative and kept my attention easily Would have liked to see about the myt

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