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Being engaged to Alex Waters team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league is awesome How could it not be In addition to being an amazing hockey player he s an incurable romantic with an XL heart and an XXL hockey stick in his pants And he knows how to u. 4 stars It s been a while since I ve read a Pucked book and I was so glad to get back into this series These characters are so freaking hilarious and I love the friendship between them all Not to mention they re super steamy This one however was super romantic as well Violet and Alex are in love and engaged Wedding planning is something that hasn t really been on the table though This is due to Violet s anxiety about weddings I loved watching them navigate this There was a lot to this story then just the wedding though I loved watching Alex and Violet find their happy ever after Things were not always easy for them they had some real life issues but their love always got them through As well as their humor This book was the best combination of sweet laugh out loud funny and steamy I am excited to get back into these books and I especially can t wait to read Lance s I listened to the audio version of this book and the narration was great Also I had to wear headphones through the bulk of it LOL

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Forever Pucked Pucked #4

Se it Incredibly orgasmically well Alex is the whole package and Literally Like his package is insane Total world record holder material So it makes complete sense that Violet Hall can t wait to nail him down to the matrimonial mattress and become Mrs Violet Waters I. US Play 1Anniversaries Suck Cheesy BallsVIOLETToday is mine and Alex s one year anniversary and it sucks donkey dick Well it s one of our anniversaries Alex likes to celebrate every single milestone in our relationship because he s sappy and romantic like that He also likes to have an excuse to buy me gifts Lots of them Extravagant ones For my birthday he bought me a car A nice car With heated seats and automatic everything New cars are scary because they don t have dings and dents and they need to be maintainedAnyway I digress Anniversaries This month we re celebrating our First Official Date Anniversary Alex likes to consider the first time we had sex our real anniversary but since we hardly knew each other then apart from how our genitalia fit together I prefer to fast forward a month to when I wasn t thinking with my beaver Not totally anywayIt s still up for debate as to whether the day he locked me in the conference room at my work and forced me to have coffee with him later was our official first date I m inclined to go with the night he took me out for dinner and we ended up back at his place banging on his couch which is what we re celebrating tonight It s marked on our calendar There s even a sticker with a smiley face I m dubbing this one our second sexiversary because it s the second occasion when we had sex and because it annoys AlexSadly we might not get the opportunity to fuck like it s our third time we did it twice that first time for those of you keeping score at home again tonight Alex is currently on a bus back to Chicago with the team after a series of four away games He s been gone for than a week A snowstorm is blowing north through the Midwest and last I heard from him they were stuck at some rest stop still than two hours from home and that s without the snow slowing them down It s already three in the afternoon If they can t make it back before it gets dark and the storm picks up he ll be stuck at a hotel for the night We might be able to have phone sex but that s not the same as hugging his wood with my beaver So that s why this anniversary sucksAnd even if he makes it home tonight he s bound to be bagged which may put a damper on the sexiversary lovin Not that he won t perform He will He always does But it won t be with the level of exuberance I ve grown accustomed to over the past year I might only get two orgasms out of him instead of the reuisite three or four he usually strives forCharlene my best friend and colleague at Stroker and Cobb Financial Management peeks her head into my cubicle She looks disembodied with the way the rest of her is out of sight She s also smiling like she belongs in some kind of asylum What s up I ask You have a delivery What kind of delivery Alex likes to send me gifts at work Once he had some guy dressed as a beaver sing a love song to me It was mortifying Jimmy one of the other junior accountants recorded it and posted it on YouTube Obviously I made him take it down but it had already gone viral An Alex delivery I brace myself for humiliation as she grunts moving my gift into viewI don t say anything for a few long seconds Alex is over the top with everything But then when you re the highest paid NHL player in the league you can afford to be extravagant and highly ridiculous Not what you expected Charlene asks biting her lip to keep from busting out laughing What am I supposed to do with this I gesture to the four foot stuffed beaver wearing a hockey jersey It s almost as wide as it is tall I don t even know if it ll fit in my car I also don t want to carry it through the building I m sure we can make it fit I ignore Charlene s eyebrow waggle She s referencing my fianc s monster cock I m not talking about a pet rooster either His dick is massive I love it so much even though putting it in my mouth is a workout all on its ownI grab the beaver by its ears hefting it into my cubicle so it s no longer blocking all the walking space between my office and the one across from me Thank the lord Jimmy isn t in there or he d be all over this I need to hide the beaver I don t have to see the back of the jersey to know it s got Alex s last name and number on it This is a giant version of the small beaver Alex sent me back when he was first stalking me Because I m so awesome in bed And he loves my boobs And I told him I loved his cock It was uite the first encounterMy relationship with Alex Waters center and team captain for Chicago started as a one night stand A poorly thought out one I would ve run into him after our night of passion since my stepbrother Buck is on his team but I hadn t thought that far ahead when I was sticking my hands down his pants a year agoThe beaver is holding a heart shaped box I pluck it from his paws while Charlene puts her arm around it and takes a selfie I open the card of course it s beaver themed a pair of cartoon beavers with little hearts above their heads They re in love just like Alex and meI flip it open expecting Alex s usual hilarity which is how it starts but by the end I m about to cry He really is that damn sweetVioletA year ago you agreed to go for coffee with me and then your boobs agreed to go on a real date You came into my life and turned it upside down in the best way I ll never look at Spiderman pajamas the same way or Marvel Comic boxer briefs I love every inch of you all your funny uirky ways all the ridiculous things you say in your sleep and when you re awake Your unending praise for the MC also doesn t hurtI know you don t buy the whole love at first sight thing but I believe some people are destined to be together Maybe we came together because of lust and Fielding but we stayed together because of loveYou re my foreverAlexI sigh and hold the card to my chest absorbing his words into my heart Not really I m actually considering checking Google to see if he copied this from some sappy love poem site and made a few modifications to fit us better However Alex was an English major in college so it s possible he came up with this all on his ownI save the Google search for later and open the heart shaped box I expect to find chocolate inside but I m pleasantly surprised to discover it s filled with those heavenly maple sugar candies I love so much There s also a bag of Swedish Fish You two are the weirdest couple on the face of the earth You know that right I prefer the term uirky but yeah I know Charlene nabs a maple candy before I can close the box Granted there are a lot of them If I had to hazard a guess I d say there s a good hundred candies in there I ll be in a maple sugar coma by the end of the day for sure I can t stop once I ve startedI grab my phone from the top drawer of my desk but before I can pull up Alex s contact Charlene snatches it out of my hand What re you doing You need to pose with the beaver so we can send Alex a picture she says as if this should be obvious Which really it should be I m from the generation where everything we do gets posted online for bored people to see Welcome to the wonderful world of well documented bad decisionsI shuffle the beaver around It s not easy since he s huge and my cubicle is small I back my chair into a corner and move the beaver between my legs I shove the beaver down so his head is at waist level and Charlene snaps a few pics Then we turn it over giggling like idiots as I arrange my skirt over the top of its head so it looks like the beaver s going to town on my beaverI strike several different poses including a fake orgasm face which is the exact moment my boss walks in on our little party Mr Stroker Hey hi I push the beaver away from my crotch but it s too late He s already seen me molesting it Miss Hoar He glances at Charlene then to me Miss Hall His arms are crossed over his chest and his face remote He s giving away nothing You two look like you re hard at work We re in so much trouble I m so sorry Mr Stroker Alex sent me this for our anniversary I gesture to the gigantic beaver and Charlene and I thought we d send a picture so he knows I got it We re not sure if the team s going to make it back tonight because of the storm I wave my hand toward the windows It s snowing like crazy Not that it s going to stop him from firing me He sent you a stuffed woodchuck for your anniversary It s not a woodchuck it s a beaver Charlene saysHe raises an eyebrow I m not sure I want an explanation Violet I d like to see you in my office Now Yes now My stomach does a flip but I stand and smooth out my wrinkled skirt shooting Charlene a look of terror She mouths sorry at me but it s not her fault I would ve done something eually as stupid with or without her helpI follow Mr Stroker down the hall to his office He closes the door behind me and gestures to the chair opposite his desk I m totally about to get canned This is the shittiest sexiversary ever I really am sorry about that Mr Stroker We were being silly I know it wasn t work appropriate behavior He puts up a hand to stop me Violet have you seen some of the clips Jimmy and Dean slip into their presentations You doing whatever you were doing with that beaver has nothing on those two I know exactly what he s talking about Jimmy and Dean are the other junior accountants at our firm They re even ridiculous than Char and me Last week they threw a slide into their presentation with two hockey players mashed up against the plexiglas with the caption Happy Hump Day It looked like there was a whole lot than humping going on in the picture And that s one of their tamer ones Still it won t happen again I sag in the chair unable to mask my relief I honestly thought he was going to tell me to pack up my office Then I d be a famous hockey player s unemployed fianc e rather than a modest financial contributor to our partnership Sounds good Mr Stroker shuffles account files around on his desk I recognize the one on top as one I prepared because it s in a violet colored folder Alex bought them for me He thinks they re cute I ve reviewed your file for the Darcy account I think you ve made some very wise choices in terms of the funds you ve selected The returns have been high in the past eighteen months and you ve balanced their portfolio well Oh Well thanks This isn t at all what I thought I was coming here for His praise is unexpected He s a numbers guy like so many of us in this department It s always about the bottom line whether or not we re making money for our clients or saving their asses from potential bankruptcyMitch Darcy plays defense for Chicago I met him through Alex One night after the game his wife was there and we started talking She asked what I did for a living so I told her She seemed surprised that I worked a job other than servicing Alex s amazing dick Two weeks later Mrs Darcy made an appointment and specifically asked for me Mr Stroker took a risk by letting me draw up a proposal for the account Of course he has to review it before anything can be implemented but it s an opportunity I wouldn t have without all my connections Those sometimes make me unpopular at work This is a big deal Violet Mr Stroker says tapping his pen against the folder Yes sir You re aware that Darcy renewed his contract for five years at four million a year Yes sir He also has endorsements with Power Juice and Sports Mind totaling another two million annually for the next three years Do you think you ll be ready to present this to the Darcys next week I sit up straighter You want me to present His wife is rather insistent it be you But I ve never presented to a client this big before You ve been managing Miller s account for the past year without an issue he argues Stroker is referring to my stepbrother Buck whose real name is Miller Everyone has recently started calling him by his given name but it s an adjustment for me I m not uite there yetUsually the accounts I handle are half a million or less The Darcys portfolio is far significant Way bigger than anything I ve touched apart from Buck s accounts and I ve always had Mr Stroker look at those before I make any kind of change I don t want to be responsible for screwing up Buck s fortune You ve got a handle on it Why don t you call them and set up a meeting for next week I m open most mornings Okay great I ll consult their game schedule and see what works best Perfect You arrange it check the notes I ve made on the PowerPoint and at the end of the week say Friday afternoon I ll set aside an hour and you can do a dry run for me so you feel prepared How does that sound That sounds amazing Mr Stroker It s just William Violet You can drop the formality now He s told me this before but I find his last name entertaining Of course Right William He gives Randy Balls another one of Alex s teammates a run for his money with the dirty names Great Three o clock Friday afternoon is open for me Book the conference room with Edna on your way out He passes over the folder and picks up the phone which means I m dismissedI thank him and stop to set things up with his assistant on the way back to my cubicleCharlene is sitting at her desk chewing her nails and pretending to do some kind of research When she sees me she grabs my arm and yanks me into her cubicle Why aren t you crying Didn t you get fired No Stroker didn t can my ass Charlene sighs with relief I m so sorry He rarely comes down this way It s true Junior accountants usually only see the boss man in the conference room on meeting Monday which was this morning Let s never take pictures like that again while we re at work Agreed We should have waited until I got home Then we could ve posed the beaver on the bed so it looks like he s taking me from behind or holding my boobs Such good ideas So what did Stroker say I m presenting to Mitch Darcy and his wife next week You re what she practically screeches this so anyone within earshot which is most of the office peeks their head over the edge of their cube wall It s okay everyone I told Charlene I m thinking about going vegan Jimmy seems to have returned from his coffee break He looks suspicious and rightfully so I m the first one to order a Philly cheesesteak when he gets takeout but he s on the phone so he goes back to his call The rest of the office is used to our ridiculousness so they resume whatever they were doing too I lower my voice to a whisper I get to present That s a big account Charlene whispers back I know That s amazing I know she means it but I recognize the wistful look in her eyes We re close but we re still competing with each other and with Jimmy and Dean for a senior accountant position when it comes open Being allowed to present to one of the bigger clients gives me an advantage over everyone else The people who don t like me at the office are really going to hate me now

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T's so romantic Violet is totally stoked to set a date Eventually At some point Likely before the next millennium Or when Violet stops getting hives every time someone brings up the wedding and their mothers stop colluding on stadium sized venues Whichever comes firs. Reviewed by Hello Beautiful Book Blog More laughs and inappropriate behavior in the fourth installment of the Pucked series are sure to have you giggling and shaking your head all the way through This is usually when a romance series based on the same characters starts to go down hill but this actually surprised me Not uite the uality of the first book Pucked but not too far off the mark Honestly I thought this was going to be a wrap up novella or something but no it is a full length novel I still think Lance will get a book too or at least I want him to have oneViolet is still her oversharing self and Alex is still supporting Violet s weird ways I like Violet as a character but some of the things she does got a little too weird for me in this one Beaver veils I didn t really find a lot of it funny any I think it was just too much It was still funny but not as funny as the others in my opinion I thought the overuse of beaver was bad in Pucked but I hadn t read this yet Way beaver hereThis book is so over the top but damn it I can t help but like it anyway It s the smutty goodness that I can t live without It s my guilty pleasure I m glad I decided to keep on going with this series It was worth reading even if there were some parts I didn t care forThis one was definitely not my favorite out of the series but was still pretty goodViolet is still inappropriately hilarious

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    FIVE SUPER MC LOVING STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorFABULOUS ”I will always love you Violet I won’t ever be perfect and I’ll make mistakes and I’ll definitely say things that will make you angry but I promise to tell you every day not just with words but with actions that you are the center of my universe You’re the sun in my sky and the breath in my lungs I promise to be yours for every second of this existence

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    45 Forever Stars This fourth book bring us a seuel on Alex and Violet’s story If you’re expecting a novella and a uick sexy reading don’t This a full length novel well it is still sexy as hell and believe me worth every damn page There was some drama as you expect it will in a seuel but the story of this couple from their engagement until their wedding will be a long one full of curveballs sexy times laugh and yo

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    4 stars It's been a while since I've read a Pucked book and I was so glad to get back into this series These characters are so freaking hilarious and I love the friendship between them all Not to mention they're super steamy This one however was super romantic as well Violet and Alex are in love and engaged Wedding planning is something that hasn't really been on the table though This is due to Violet's anxiety about

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    I have seriously loved this series There is nothing in the world I love than laughing and falling in love through books so when an author is able to do both I am seriously in awe Alex and Violet are actually the couple from the very first book in the series Pucked There was just something I always loved about Violet her refusal to fit into any type of mold and her wit probably pushed it over the top This girl is who sh

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    Forever Pucked is infused with comedy bursts of sweetness a whole lot of hotness and just the right amount of drama that kept me hooked A delightful extension to the already incredibly amusing series Alex Waters is the real deal the

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    US Play 1Anniversaries Suck Cheesy BallsVIOLETToday is mine and Alex’s one year anniversary and it sucks donkey dick Well it’s one of our “anniversaries” Alex likes to celebrate every single milestone in our relationship because he’s sappy and romantic like that He also likes to have an excuse to buy me gifts Lots of them Extrava

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    This was a cute novella that tied in to book one in the series where Violet and Alex finally tie the knot Lots of comedy tawdry jokes and cute couple moments One of my favorite sports series Please excuse typosna

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    Reviewed by Hello Beautiful Book Blog More laughs and inappropriate behavior in the fourth installment of the Pucked series are sure to have you giggling and shaking your head all the way through This is usually when a romance series based on the same characters starts to go down hill but this actually surprised me Not uite the uality of the first book Pucked but not too far off the mark Honestly I thought this was going to be a wrap up no

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    4 Big Stick StarsThe Beaver and the MC ride again And I mean that literally I had a fabulous time reading this cute and sexy end to Alex and Violet's story Did I need to read the word beaver written ad nauseum? No but the sweet hotness made up for it

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    I never want to see the words Beaver Super MC or Area 51 ever again

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