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Wedding night babyIt had been a dream wedding followed by a night of unforgettable passion Then Victoria discovered that her new husband the man she adored. Re The Baby Secret Helen Brooks gives us a not so seekrit baby story in this HP outing which is also the first book of the multi year HP Expecting series The tagline for this series is EXPECTING She s sexy she s successful and she s PREGNANTThis one starts with the bridal h hiding out after walking out on her H the morning after her wedding She is a sweet former unicorn groomer raised by indifferent wealthy parents and her biggest adventure to date is helping little kids in a Romanian Orphanage The H and h met at a party and married a short time later after a whirlwind courtship The h is MASSIVELY in love with her H But her world fell apart when after a wonderful Night of Bliss her H got a phone call and had to leave her still in bed in the honeymoon suite He claimed it was a last minute glitch in businessThe h and H were supposed to fly to Jamaica but the h s mother intercepted the h as she was waiting and informed the h that her romantic marriage was really a business deal to allow the merger of her deceased father s company with the H s and that the H went to the aid of his mistress who overdosed on the H s wedding night and then called him to save her The h is shocked hurt and feeling really betrayed Her own father had a mistress for years before she died and the h was horrified to learn that a woman she called auntie was her father s bit on the side The h s mother who was only in it for the money and family pressure anyways did not really care The mother is a miserly narcissist and has no problem conniving or manipulating to get her own way The h finally lets loose on the pathetic slime gulping woman and tells her she is a horrible personSo right away we know this h is young and was a bit naive but she has a solid backbone and isn t afraid to use it There is a confrontation with the H and he confirms that what her mother told her is true His supposedly former mistress who is also a distant cousin that he recently bought a very pricey apartment for did try to commit suicide and called him in the bridal suite There is also a big merger going on with his and the h s family company The H claims he did not lie because the h never asked for the truth The h smartly counters with the response that she did not know enough to ask because the H took one look at her and saw a well bred broodmare and rushed her off her feetThe h is not down for a life of misery with a snot snarfing nematode slime pustule who cheats so she packs up her little carry on bag slips out through the back of the hotel and finds her BFF William a dashing reporter who is her other BFF s brotherWilliam who has been in love with the h for ages but knows she only thinks of him as a brother whisks the h off to his holiday cottage in Tunisia which is where the H finds her a few weeks laterIn a non coincidence according to the rules of HPlandia the h finds out she is preggers with the H s baby the same day the H manages to track her down The H threatens and bullies but the h is adamant and stubborn about getting her way she and the H are finished and he will just have to live with thatThe H is determined to get his girl back but he figures he has time to work on things The h returns to England and gets herself into a nice little flat HB lady h s almost never live in poverty unless they are helping out those in need She also gets a job as a florist and then the H finds out about the babyAt first the H thinks that the baby is William s and the h is tempted to leave it like that but our h is honest and an upright person so she clues the H in on the baby s paternity The H gets even bullying and the h doesn t listen He is a liar by omission if not in commission and she isn t tying herself for life to a man like thatSo the H has to suffer and since HB gives us H POV it is a lot of fun to see him realize that his sweet little former unicorn groomer has a spine and a will made of solid steel Things are at an impasse the h isn t returning to the H and he is finally learning to respect her wishesThen the h slips at work and the H seizes the day in a Carpe Diem kinda way He tells the h that she and the baby need looking after the h hurt her back and is bed bound for a few days The H takes the opportunity to slip in a sneaky seduction moment when the h s aching limbs have sufficiently healedThe h has no problem admitting she loves the H and when he explains that his relationship with his ex was over long before he met the h and that she was diagnosed with a serious illness and that was why she attempted to end things the h does believe himI believed him for the most part too tho I did uestion why the woman would take an overdose and then call him on his wedding night morning but this is HPlandia and drama is built into the bedrock so I just rolled with itThe H also admits that he bought the woman an apartment at the behest of his family he is the richest of all of them and they freuently tap into his generosity for things like flat and house deeds He adds that the h s mother was the one who pushed the merger it made her a whole lot of money and the H could care less he doesn t need the h s family company But the H thought it would keep the mother from manipulating things if he bought her out and she would be out of their lives after that The h thinks about all of this and realizes that the problem isn t him it is actually her since her childhood was a barren wasteland of emotion and harmony the h just can t bring herself to trust anybody Tho she is sure she loves her baby and will give her little bean all the love and devotion it could ever needSo she tells the H that they still have to part she can t be committed to him because she must not really love him as she can t bring herself to trust him But she adds that he can have regular access to see the baby and play the full daddy part The H kinda cooks his own goose a bit when he lies and tells her there has never been a divorce in his family but we get his thoughts and inside this H is totally panickingThings trundle along for a bit and the h is really trying to grow up She knows that the flat she originally rented was actually purchased for her by the H who wanted her to be safe but her internal mental self inventory leads her to uestion a few things So she goes and looks her father s mistress upThe father s mistress is a really nice lady and she explains that her father and mother were in an family forced arranged marriage and that the father met the mistress a few weeks too late he had already married the h s mother He fell massively in love and wanted to leave the h s mother but the slime swilling preying mantis made so much trouble and did so many manipulations that it was impossible for the father to leave without hurting the family company losing his daughter and impoverishing his other relativesThen the h s mother made sure to keep the h estranged and sent her away to boarding school to get her out of the way The father was going to explains things to the h when she was old enough to understand and he had hoped that he could repair the familial bond then but then he died and never got to have a sayThe mistress explains that the h s father and she were truly in love and were faithful to each other Once they met they never looked at anyone else and that sometimes it just happens that way So when the h s mother told her that her father was an indifferent womanizer it was just the mother manipulating once again to get her own wayThe h realizes that the H is her sometimes it happens that way she is never going to love anyone else and by now we are assured by his thoughts that neither is he so the h goes back to the H to reunite Except there is a really big snowstorm and the H is panicked again The h isn t where anyone can find her and the H even enlisted William to call all of the h s friends The H and William have decided to be kinda friends and as the h arrives home and starts having labor pains she makes her big acceptance and her love of the H declarationThe H is torn between joy that his love is finally reflected back and serious panic that the h is going to have the baby before he can get the snow off his car After some winter snow storm in London traffic drama the h and H make it to hospitalThere is a really cute and sweet delivery and labor scene and the h and H have a baby boy The H is overwhelmed with happiness and the h is learning that even tho she is tiny and the baby is ten pounds the h is a natural at having kidsSo reunited at last and wrapped up in love with a bouncing baby boy the H and h are ready to set off for their own corner of HPlandia HEA Together Forverness after a bracing cup of teaThis one is cute and the h is very nice but pretty feisty Her growth and maturation were done very believably There is a little angst and the H almost loses out on reader approval with his initial stupidity But he soon sees the error of his ways and as his respect for his h grows so does his appeal I am not saying he couldn t have used a skillet smack to the head or two but overall he comes along nicely and this was a nice 35 star rounded up to 4 trip on HB s HPlandia outing

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De and bring her home Only when he did he was shocked to find that Victoria had a secret she was desperate to keep their wedding night had resulted in a ba. Book One of Harleuin s Expecting Series this one is about Victoria Brown She is in Tunisia read for the first time a Harleuin book set in this country and is at a doctor s appointment where she finds out she s almost three months pregnant She fled England from her husband Zac Harding and the other woman Gina Rossellini She s twenty to his thirty five her marriage conveniently arranged by her socialite mother Coral Chigley Brown who considered Victoria only an intrusion and who is a vicious heartless motherShe took refuge in her childhood friend s brother William Howard s home in Tunisia the same night she had to leave for honeymoon after getting to know about Zac s betrayal And now Zac thinks she betrayed him with WilliamThis is one weird read He doesn t trust her she doesn t trust him They both mistake the other s silences for betrayal And the cycle never stops leading them to miss out on her pregnancy Though they do bump into each other deliberately from time to time especially now that they are both back in EnglandWhen Zac opened up about his past to Tory yes that s his nickname for her only his it was such a beautiful scene And I completely sympathise with Victoria too how parental love or the lack thereof can drive one insane from withinThe book picks up steam from mid way And it had a beautiful ending which included the birth of their baby boy James ZacharyPS Zac s trademark phrase is for crying out loud

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Had betrayed her after only one day of marriage She packed her bags and leftZac Harding wouldn't let Victoria go He was determined to find his missing bri. This was just okay The baby secret ceases to be a secret within the first couple of chapters The OWOM drama is just a red herring The real issue between them is lack of communication and lack of trust which the author does a nice job of slowly and organically resolving between them over the course of their post wedding courtship If they had done all that before getting married like you know getting to know and trust each other none of this would have happened Illustrates that old adage of marrying in haste repenting at leisure Luckily for them the reconciliation was heartfelt and tied up with a neat bow at the end

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About the Author: Helen Brooks

Rita Bradshaw was born on 1949 in Northampton England where she was educated as a good Christian She met Clive her husband at the age of 16 andnow the magic is still there They have three lovely children Cara Faye and Benjamin and have always had a menagerie of animals in the house which at the present is confined to two endearing and very comical dogs who would make a great double act on TV The children friends and pets all keep the house buzzing and the food cupboards empty but Helen wouldn't have it any other way She still lives today in Northampton with her family Although having enjoyed some wonderful holidays abroad she has never been tempted to live anywhere else although she rather likes the idea of a holiday home close to the sea one dayBeing a committed Christian and fervent animal lover she finds spare time is always at a premium but long walks in the countryside with her husband and dogs meals out followed by the cinema or theatre reading swimming and having friends over for dinner are all fitted in somehow She also enjoys sitting in her wonderfully therapeutic rambling old garden in the sun with a glass of red wine under the guise of resting while thinking of courseFor years she was a secretary She began writing in 1990 as she approached that milestone of a birthday 40 She realized her two teenage ambitions writing a novel and learning to drive had been lost amid babies and hectic family life so set about resurrecting themHer first novel was for Mills and Boon and was accepted after one rewrite in 1992 as Helen Brooks and she passed her driving test the former was a joy and the latter an unmitigated nightmare She has written 50 novels as well as several sagas as Rita BradshawSince becoming a full time writer she has found her occupation one of pure joy and often surprised when her characters develop a mind of their own but she loves exploring what makes people tick and finds the old adage truth is stranger than fiction to be absolutely true She would love to hear from any readers care of Mills Boon

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    Re The Baby Secret Helen Brooks gives us a not so seekrit baby story in this HP outing which is also the first book of the multi year HP Expecting series The tagline for this series is EXPECTING She's sexy she's s

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    Cry my a river Zac couldn't be stupid enough to believe he could leave his wife's bed on their first night of marriage and disappear to his mistress room for hours after lying to his wife about who he was going to see and expect her to be nonchalant about it could he? Of course he did Zac couldn't believe his br

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    Another story where the heroine got in the way of a good book I did like the initial conflict Going to your ex mistresses room on t

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    This was just okay The baby secret ceases to be a secret within the first couple of chapters The OWOM drama is just a red herring The real issue between them is lack of communication and lack of trust which the author does a nice job of slowly and organically resolving between them over the course of their post wedding courtship

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    Zac and Victoria Harding were recently wed when Zac claimed he needed to handle a business crisis win hours of their nuptials The following morning Victoria’s helpful mother advised her that Zac went to another woman’s room and

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    OMG I wanted to bitch slap this annoying heroine She was hateful insecure mean bitchy I can't even describe how

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    Book One of Harleuin's Expecting Series this one is about Victoria Brown She is in Tunisia read for the first time a Harleuin book set in this country and is at a doctor's appointment where she finds out she's almost three months pregnant She fled England from her husband Zac Harding and the other woman Gina Rossellini She's twent

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    A sweet story of a couple working through lots of misunderstandings that separated them on the day after their wedding Although the name is somewhat of a tease because the baby in uestion was no real secret The h walked out on her husband after one night together because her witch of a mother told her her husband had anot

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    A really sweet read that starts with a whirwind romance; a handsome intense sexy man; one innocent naive young woman and one baby Throw in one social climbing mother; an ex mistress; and a undeclared love and you have a very interesting read

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    A story that begins when the two main characters are already married albeit that the wife Tory left him the morning after their wedding As her mother explained to her that he had lied to her the evening before as to why he’d left her on thei

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