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Belhaven Bride

Na from the perils of her new life but even he couldn't keep her from the dangers that come with falling in lov.

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Adlong into this exciting new world she needed Alex Kent an impressive if enigmatic man He sought to protect An.

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When Anna Preston was introduced to her estranged family London's glamorous set became her new milieu Thrown he.

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    Hubo algo en la forma de escribir de la autora ue hacía ue lo ue leías se viese tan distante e impersonal ue me mató la pasión Pero pese a eso es una historia estupenda Anna Preston ueda sola al morir su madre la última familia viva ue

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    Not a bad read but a bit choppy and somewhat forgettable Also I have to make a comment on that awful cover It really does not match the book at all The story focuses on a young woman who is reunited with her long lost family and who finds herself thrust into the fashionable set of 1930s England It's a far cry from the prairie romance that comes to mind when I see the cover image

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