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Mary's given up everything including an unsatisfying marriage to become a chef But the career comes with a side di I ve read and loved all of Heather Wardell s books Life Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo Planning to Live Go Small or Go Home and Seven Exes are Eight Too Many Her women s fiction features strong independent women who are trying to balance a career love and the fulfillment of their personal dreams Wardell s book are romantic without being smutty something that I really appreciate Once I start one of her books I just cannot stop until I ve finished it It doesn t matter what I have going on I m going to sit and read until I finish the book I have yet to make one of Wardell s books last than one dayStir Until Thoroughly Confused features one of my favorite characters from Wardell s previous books Kegan the sexy restaurant owner I ve always wondered if Kegan got his happily ever after especially after his heartbreak in Life Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo so I was thrilled when I learned Kegan got his own book If you re new to Heather Wardell s writing don t start with this book It contains cameo appearances by several main characters from her previous books You ll ruin the ends of several of her other books if you read this one firstThis book is a first person narrative my favorite with Mary the self taught chef as our narrator She is looking for a job and wants to work at Kegan s new restaurant Magma Mary has an indomitable spirit which I really admire Wardell writes her characters so well that I can easily imagine myself feeling what her characters feel The book follows Mary in her new career especially the ups and downs with her new boss She s forced into a major decision at the end of the book and that conflict resolution left me guessing the entire time I loved the way Wardell develops her characters especially the way they grow throughout the storyIf you like women s fiction romance or you re just looking for an emotional read I would definitely recommend Heather Wardell s books They are excellentJust One Gripe The cover did not make me want to read this book Don t be put off by the cover though it s Wardell s writing that makes her books so special The Best Thing About This Book I loved the character growthAppropriate for a younger audience Probably notScore Characters 55Plot 55SettingImagery 55Originality 55Ending 55Total Score 2525

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Sh Kegan her sexy but controlling new bossThey're soon in a relationship and in all too freuent arguments and when Author Heather Wardell made it to the top of my Favorites List with her first novel Life Love and Polar Bear Tattoo and I have been eagerly reading her books since Her latest Stir Until Thoroughly Confused did not leave me disappointed The story centers around Mary who is struggling to break free from difficult divorce She moves to Toronto to put behind her controlling ex husband and mother but is without a job She is determined to follow her dream of working as a chef Enter Kegan Yes the Kegan from some of Wardell s past novels that Kegan Kegan appears to be a somewhat changed man and it doesn t take long for a romance to start uietly brewing between him and Mary But with Kegan now Mary s boss his controlling attitude revolving around his restaurants lead to one too many fights between the new couple Mary is smacked with an ultimatum choose Kegan and the relationship or her dream career I love revisiting the characters from Wardell s previous novels It is fun to catch up with them and see which direction their lives have taken In Stir readers not only get plenty of Kegan to keep them happy but a handful of other characters make cameos as well This book is filled with interesting characters and uniue plot points even though the main subject is a well known one should a woman choose her career or a man Wardell keeps her story fresh and fast paced engaging readers in the world she creates so well The only part I disliked was I felt there should have been showing the downfall of Mary and Kegan s relationship I felt that things went really well for them then started to fall apart almost without any warning It seemed as though the characters were just a half step ahead of where the story was going But overall another fantastic read and a definite recommendation from me If you haven t read anything yet by Heather Wardell a highly suggest you do

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It becomes clear they can't work together and be together Mary faces a dilemma keep her dream job or her dream ma What would you do if you had to make a choice between the two things that matter the most to you one you would keep and the other let go of For me I guess it would depend on what those things were and for Mary they are both something she couldn t live without Finally free from an oppressive marriage she is taking back control of her life and following her dreams of becoming a chef in an upscale restaurant Her love for cooking is a passion that runs deep for Mary so when she sees an opportunity to work for one of the hottest restaurants in town she seizes it and plans on dazzling her future boss in her interview She dazzled him alright but one look at Kegan the intense and sexy owner of Steel and Mary finds herself caught up in an attraction that inevitably leads to romance With both of them focused and driven on reopening the restaurant after a horrible fire and starting the new restaurant Magma sparks soon lead to clashes as Kegan struggles to rein in his need to control everything within his realm including Mary Deeply in love and knowing that there s no one else for them but each other things start building to a boiling point where a decision must be made and the responsibility falls on Mary Unable to do it Kegan asks Mary to choose do they keep their relationship purely business or does she leave the perfect job and only career she s ever wanted by putting Kegan first and choosing love This is an amazing story filled with deep sighs intense moments and an emotional level that keeps you glued to the book Once I began I didn t want to stop because the author had me so involved in what was happening There was that constant buzz that thrummed through me as I felt things building with both the sexual tension between the Kegan and Mary and the energy generated from two highly passionate people who struggled at times to rein it in Honestly when I think of this story I see an image of a pot sitting on a stovetop slowly simmering with the occasional bubble as time goes on The longer it heats the hotter the temperature until it s suddenly at a fevered pitch and borders on out of control That was one of the things that most impressed me about the way the author wrote her book she managed to maintain that level of intensity and interest through the entire series without me once thinking Good gosh stop already because it was just too much She gave it that flow where I didn t feel I was being jerked around stirred up only to be dropped flat To me that shows talent and it made reading the book a great experience for meI really felt that Mary and Kegan were incredible characters because I could identify with them so well I enjoyed that the struggles they faced were real and I was shown the highs and lows that come when two people try to adjust to each other I loved the tenacity of Mary For someone who had been stifled for years she came out of that marriage roaring and adamant that she was not only going to survive but thrive I loved the level of commitment she showed to both her job and Kegan because without a doubt he was difficult to deal with at times She stuck it out believed him when he shared he was trying to change but also stood her ground when it became too much Mary was a character who got better and better because you could see her develop into this strong and empowered woman who went from doormat to assertive I felt for her as she struggled to make her decision because it had to be painful but once she made up her mind she never looked back You can t help but cheer for herI will admit my first impression of Kegan wasn t favorable As the story opens you learn that he laid the responsibility of deciding their future onto Mary s shoulders and my thought was Wow what a cop out What kind of guy is she involved with I didn t hold onto that very long though as Kegan enter the story and made me catch my breath when Mary described this incredibly sexy man that would make any woman s knees weak The man is passion personified and completely driven by it He is used to having everything under very tight and heavily controlled grip so it wasn t a surprise to learn that it was a constant struggle for him to manage his attitude and overstepping of boundaries I love a flawed man especially one who has the humility to admit he has a problem and honestly attempts to work on his weaknesses He is wonderful with Mary attentive devoted and treats her the way a woman should be treated all except for when they re working together and his need to dictate surfaces By the end of the book and being totally absorbed in his energy I completely understood why Kegan couldn t make the decision because it must have driven him nuts Oh and my review wouldn t be complete without this final report Kegan knows how to kiss like OMGSH catch me because I m swooning The man attacks everything in his life with a fierce intensity and I spent nearly half the book wishing I could have been on the receiving end of one of themWhat can I say than I really enjoyed this book and it completely satisfied my romance cravings STIR UNTIL THOROUGHLY CONFUSED is definitely a book romance lovers should read and I hope each person loves it just as much as I did Happy reading

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    I know that I have read a lot from Heather Wardell in the last month and that is because I can't tell you how much I enjoy her writing

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    Stir Until Thoroughly Confused by Heather Wardell is a fabulous story about self discovery determination and love

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    I've read and loved all of Heather Wardell's books Life Love and a Polar Bear Tatoo Planning to Live Go Small or Go Home and Seven Exes are Eight Too Many Her women's fiction features strong independent women who are trying to balance a career love and the fulfillment of their personal dreams Wardell's book are romantic without being smutty something that I really appreciate Once I start one of her books I jus

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    Author Heather Wardell made it to the top of my Favorites List with her first novel Life Love and Polar Bear Tatt

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    This is my second book by Heather Wardell I like her style as an author a lot She begins her story's where the character has to take time to think back and reflect So when you start a story by her you are with the main character at the turning point in their life You then get to turn back the clock and learn how the character got there Its nice in the back of your mind you in someways know where the story is going and y

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    I bet the food was delicious though fictional I also love to cook and eat so I can imagine what wonders spices can do to a dish even dessert But food is not the main focus of this story It's a love story between the chef and the restaurant owner which to my palate is just too sweet and mushyThis is the fourth romance book by this author that I've read one after the other I was good until the third but by this fourth boo

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    A really cute story with a happy ending It's just a feel good book that you go into enjoying because that's what it's supposed to do

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    What would you do if you had to make a choice between the two things that matter the most to you – one you woul

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    Talk about being down on your luck – Mary is going through a difficult divorce and has no job The one thing Mary always wanted to do was be a chef but she was looking for the perfect opportunity She’s sure she found it when the owner of a

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    It was rather good mellow maybe a bit long I found Toronto Canada a bit unusual as backdrop for a romantic story but that's rather a good thingI had a hard time relating to the characters I guess I would expect thirty somethings to be done wi

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