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Be But fate this time in the form of a large Hells Angel a few purple microdots and an evening in the tree houses of La Honda got in the waySharp and bawdy Full Frontal Nudity spans the years from Harry’s childhood through his time at Berkeley which he was asked to leave after he was accused of running a brothel to Yale then on an extended vacation in the Yucatán and finally to the American Conservatory Theater where Harry played his first lead role as the buck naked star of Euus Full Frontal Nudity is an uproarious memoir that captures an era and describes the unlikely origins of a st. I chose this book based solely on the excerpt on the back of the book jacket I can t honestly say that I have ever seen Harry Hamlin

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Full Frontal Nudity

IN 2008 as he attempted to enter Canada to film a television series Harry Hamlin the former star of LA Law and once People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive was detained at the border for unresolved narcotics convictions And so begins Full Frontal Nudity a laugh out loud funny memoir in which Harry digs deep into his past to recount the wacky experiences of his childhood the twisted path that led to his alleged criminal behavior and the series of fortuitous mishaps that drove him to become an actor Harry was reared in suburban California in the late 1950s by a gin gulping pill popping housew. An unusual celebrity autobiography in that it s about all that came before the celebrity Hamlin bares all and his story abounds with

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Ife mother and a rocket scientist father with a secret life On its surface his childhood was not unlike his peers’ except that he was kicked out of the fourth grade for writing a book report on Mein Kampf and when he was eleven his parents gave him a subscription to Playboy for Christmas Curious by nature chock full of boyish charm and good looks Harry experimented with mystical religion and set off for Woodstock only to narrowly avoid lighting the whole of Yellowstone National Park on fire At eighteen he was ready to matriculate at Berkeley and become the architect he always wanted to. I knowI can t believe I m reading this eitherbut its amazingly a good easy interesting read

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    At first I was going to give this 3 stars but I decided that any book that I had intended to skim but ended up reading word for word

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    An unusual celebrity autobiography in that it's about all that came before the celebrity Hamlin bares all and his story abounds with irony humor and strength The glimpse into late 60s Berkley from the perspective of an almost hippi

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    I LOVED this book If you have ever watchedand enjoyed the TV Land show Harry Loves Lisa you will like this book Hamlin's wry and funny writing style just seems to fit He writes how he was in the show The book mad

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    I knowI can't believe I'm reading this eitherbut its amazingly a good easy interesting read

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    Really the words for my rating would be it was ok but the stars would still be 3 or 4 because it did hold my attention and was interesting It's not necessarily a book I would have chosen for myself based on some of

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    Nothing is accidental Not Harry's path to acting as a career nor you being his admirer nor I for picking up this book to pry openly into HH's early life because HH impressed me with his works on films and TV An overly sanitized and

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    I never really seen much of Harry's work His LA Law days were during my childhood and probably came on after it was time for me to be in bed The first work of his I really seen was on Veronica Mars as the killer in

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    I chose this book based solely on the excerpt on the back of the book jacket I can't honestly say that I have ever seen Harry Hamlin's work; if I have seen him I didn't register who he is With that being said I loved this book I literally could not put this book down which says a lot in my opinion considering I wasn't aware of who this man

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    I picked this off the library shelf thinking Hmmm what does People's Sexiest Man Alive 1987 have to confess? Startling nothing drunkalogue celeb confessional that is and that is what made this all the compelling It's a tale of an Ivy League hippie of less responsibly enjoying his good looks and good fortune through a variety of typically young adult misadventures hitchhiking through Europe and Mexico following a sweetheart cross

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    A friend of mine has a son who lives next door to Harry Hamlin and his family Through this connection I have scored a signed promo shot of my old LA Law love and an autographed copy of this book I liked him a whole lot better when I didn't know too much about him But in all fairness that's true of a lot of the men I have

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