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The smooth functioning of the system that exploits themHarry Cleaver retired from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012 His book Reading Capital Politically has been translated into seven languages and republished in ten countri

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Rupturing the Dialectic

Since Reading Capital Politically was first published in 1978 Harry Cleaver has been a central figure for anti authoritarian Marxists and radicals seeking to understand the working class as an autonomous force capable of acting inde

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Pendently and not simply reacting to the depredations of capitalism Rupturing the Dialectic brings this project up to date interpreting capitalism's most recent crises and demonstrating how ordinary men and women can and do rupture

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    I do not typically care for Marxist books They are almost always unreadably academic This one has its moments But it is actually wort

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    An excellent addition to both Cleaver's body of work and the autonomist tradition It's perfectly in keeping with the autonomist approach of challenging the mainstream Marxist one sided focus since the Second International on the laws of capital

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    Boss makes a dollarI make a dimeThat's why I read this book on company timeLoved it The concepts are explained in a way that make them easy to understand but most importantly easy to use For me this is Marx applied correctly Highly recommended

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