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Sadie's turning eighteen today Her stepfather has been waiting for years to feel her soft lithe teenage body in his hands Pop her cherry fuck her raw spill his seed deep inside her Will he give in to his dark desiresExcerpt She gradually awakens Tenses but makes no sudden movements When she finally relaxes I remove my hand bringing it up and placing one finger across my lips uiet Her eyes round she nods I s.

summary Daddy Forces Her To Fuck

Daddy Forces Her To Fuck

K” she mouths making barely any noise at all A tiny tear runs down her cheek “I knew before I sucked it” I lean down and breathe her in hot tongue wetting her neck tasting her supple skin as she trembles in my arms She lies still as I move over her body grinding my hardening cock into her belly I thumb her pebbled nipple aching over the thin cotton Lord have mercy what a delicious fuck this is gonna b.

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Lowly unzip her sleeping bag flip it open and part my robe I straddle her letting my balls graze across her soft stomach I can feel her trembling with fear “Don’t be frightened” I whisper leaning down to kiss her cheek “Daddy’s gonna take care of you tonight” She draws a ragged breath almost a sob But I can feel the consent in her warm body soft under my wandering hands “I knew it was your dic.

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