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Ayodhya Kand is the second book in Valmiki's Ramayana It tells the story of Lord Rama's exile from Ayodhya and the grief that grips not just his family but the entire city In the first part of this book Ayodhya Kand I we find out how and why King Dasharatha is forced by ueen Kaikeyi to banis.

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Ayodhya Kand Part 1

O follow him during his exile We trace the beginning of their journey from Ayodhya even as the people of the city sink into despair Ayodhya Kand I continues Valmiki’s story from the first book in the series Bala Kand which tells us of Rama’s childhood It will be followed by Ayodhya Kand.

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H his son Rama Even though the people condemn her for her cruelty and the broken hearted king tries to appeal to her better sense Kaikeyi is unmoved Determined to protect his father's honour Rama accepts the harsh decision and prepares to leave He is joined by Sita and Lakshmana who decide t.

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    A jealous and easily swayed stepmother Kaikeyi puts forth her evil wishes to a hapless King Dashrath and the good prince Rama is exiled to the dangerous Dandaka forest for fourteen years to lead the life of a hermit The AYODHYA KAND follows the heart breaking despair of a father the grace of Lord Rama as he accepts his father’s wishes without a hint of anger and the loyalty of Sita Laxman and unexpectedly Bharat too We also get a glimps

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    Gets a little draggy as multiple episodes of trying to convince Ram to return from exile takes place But I appreciate ACK for retaining it probably in the interest of a very honest portrayal of Valmiki's work A delightful read

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    Book 2 of the Valmiki Ramayana Series by ACKAyodhya Kand depicts the events leading to Rama's exile for 14 years The illustrations were gorgeous as always But somewhere along the line I miss the way the old ACK illustrations used to be