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Summary The uest for Olwen

Nlists the help of his cousin King Arthur to find Olwen but the Giant sets Culhwch a series of well nigh impossible tasks which must be accomplished before the marriage can take place Culhwch's uest for the tusk of the King Boar and the blood of the Black Witch is aided by Arthur's knights and the wisdom of ancient animals The uest for O

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The uest for Olwen

The uest for Olwen is a traditional Celtic tale of brave heroes ancient magic giants and witches It was passed on by generations of story tellers until first written down in medieval WelshA curse is placed on young prince Culhwch by his jealous stepmother; he can only marry Olwen the beautiful daughter of the King of the Giants Culhwch e

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Lwen was translated into modern Welsh by Gwyn Thomas and is retold in English by Gwyn Thomas and Kevin Crossley Holland The powerful illustrations in colour and black and white are by Margaret JonesPeople of all ages story tellers and lovers of folk tale will be delighted by the lyrical beauty vitality and humour of this colourful legend

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