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Nfortunately their latest mission means their moral code get's thrown out to sea when they are forced to acuire Dr Laurel Whitney along with their prize Soon they are hoping that the good D

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Octor might make their twosome into a threesome for a little pleasure at sea This is a MMF menage novella with a HEA Recommended for 18 and fans of sexy modern pirates or hot anthropologist

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Hunter and Marcel are in the business of International Acuisitions By force if necessary Okay so they are modern day pirates but they have a strict moral code They steal things not people U

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    Adorably cheesy loveEvery now and then you come across a book that is syrupy in its sweetness This is that book But it is so adorable and cheesy and sappy that it's perfect Laurel kidnapped from a dig site by a pirate she names Kin

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    PiratesI'll write a review but I mean why are you reading it There are 2 bloody pirates HEA No rape No abuse Go read it

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    I love this little piece of smutty heavenAbsolutely adored Hunter and Marcel Their dynamic together especially with Laurel is tender passionate and fucking hot I love the uniue story line which sucked me in and spat me back out within the 40 odd pages It's a short little smutty read but a bloody good one in my opinion

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