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And healthy is just around that delicious corner Over the years we humans have been conditioned to think that the only way to enjoy great food is to cook fry and roast them We forget that way before we started learning to cook our body has already adapted and adjusted to the raw and vegan lifestyle This book contains 1 A great selection of raw food recipes breakfasts snacks and appetizers salads soups main dishes desserts drinks and dressings

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I am glad to present you with my second book in RAW FOOD DIET series “RAW FOOD RECIPES Breakfasts Snacks Appetizers Salads Soups Dinners Main Meals Sides Desserts Dressings Marinades Juices Smoothies” Time to get ready for a fit body and healthy lifestyle But than that brace yourself for tasty food that is sure to delight your senses Who say’s going raw is tasteless and boring With this recipe book raw food diet is far from that Being fit

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2 Servings to help you plan your meals according to the number of eaters 3 Preparation time soaking time dehydrating time and all others to help you keep tract and manage your time 4 Easy to follow preparation directions 5 An attached table of measures for your perusal So what are you waiting for Grab this opportunity to get fit and get healthy Enjoy life to the fullest with the food diet lifestyle Click that BUY NOW button You'll be glad you d