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Summary Tom Finger

This beautifully illustrated wintry book has the same magical uality as a classic long treasured fairy tale It begins with a little girl named ueenie sadly calling her Tabby cat who had recently died But instead of her old Tabby returning a different

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Tom Finger

Ected friend and is given the best gift of alla kitten with bright blue eyes just like Tom FingerGillian McClure enchants us with this uietly mysterious tale and her delicate classic illustration style A perfect gift for picture book lovers of all age

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Cat the young and blue eyed Tom Finger appears at her door then just as suddenly disappears Over and over he returns each time bringing a small gift then disappears again ueenie is entranced by him and finally follows him home where she meets an unexp

2 thoughts on “Tom Finger

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    a cute early book explaining responcibiltiy

  2. says:

    Slightly unsettling in a good way