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Smileand seduce her into his bedAs dark forces conspire against them threatening to destroy the fragile bond they've forged the once calm Lazarus grows crazed Every heart stopping kiss and wicked touch causes Cameo to teeter on the brink of happiness But if she falls she risks forgetting him foreve. 25 3 yawn STARS To be honest at this point I m only continuing with this series because of William All my fav characters aren t even mentioned much any new characters resemble the old ones the plots are somewhat not working for me and most importantly I m a little tired of waiting for Gilliam to finally happen It s been 11 bookshaven t we been patient enough And now after finishing this one I m not even sure if it ll ever happenargh Gena needs to stop toying with her readers Either give Gilliam a book or imply in another one that it will never happen so we can all move on Ugh

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The Darkest Promise

A land fantastical than any fairy tale determined to find the one man with the key to her redemption Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual rules his kingdom with a single unwavering focus to build his army and annihilate his enemies Nothing distracts him until Cameo He is relentless in his uest to make her. 4 STARS He couldn t get enough of her this woman who d enchanted him past all reason She was passion and pleasure suddenly his sole reason for breathing Is it just me or does the wait between releases in this series get and painful every time I finish another book Because I m pretty sure I ve been rocking myself in a corner ever since we got teased with the possibility of Lazarus and Cameo back in The Darkest Touch You d think that after 13 books in a series I d find my enjoyment waning but it s the opposite My obsession grows with each new character that gets introduced and I find myself wanting on bated breath until the next releaseLazarus and Cameo were everything I d hoped they would be and so much With Gena s signature humor plenty of steam and a plot that only gets riveting with every page you turn The Darkest Promise was an unputdownable read from beginning to finish Did you know twenty one percent of women are unable to achieve an orgasm Must be the twenty one percent I haven t slept with I m an orgasm donor After Strider decapitated Lazarus back in The Darkest Surrender I couldn t wait to see how everything unraveled How is Lazarus still alive Is it just because he s in the spirit realm How could Cameo and him possibly make it work How can he possibly see past Cameo s demon of Misery to the woman that s yearning for touch and love hidden beneath Where is Pandora s box And how will the war between Lucifer and Hades effect the Lords and their friendsWhile we get answers to plenty of those uestions the final one is still keeping us hanging and I for one can t wait to see what happens next As for Lazarus and Cameo I loved these two together You truly get to see Cameo s fierce side come out in this book The side that s so often veiled by the effects of Misery I loved finally getting that piece of her and Lazarus was the perfect man to bring it out A king by force A drug dealer by choice A lover by necessity With plenty of secrets of his own Lazarus The Cruel and Unusual the only son of The Monster is one intriguing character Ruler of the Realm of Grimm and Fantica he s a man that s as eually feared for his ruthlessness as he is for his sexual appeal But Lazarus is hiding a deadly secret one that can cost him everything at the hands of the only woman that he craves like no other Despite the demon she was the light in Lazarus s darkness She was smart and she waseverything Before her he d known rage Somehow she had filled him with joy There s a lot that happens in this book and there s a couple of new characters that get introduced that I m already salivating for One of them happens to have a very intriguing connection to Hades that I absolutely cannot wait to read aboutI binge read this book and found myself dreading the end of it I love Showalter s humor and how she effortlessly manages to weave into her stories Her characters may be tortured but they don t take themselves too seriously and I love it I can walk into a room and ruin a party she snapped You can open your mouth and do the same Not missing a beat when did he ever he traced his white hot tongue around the shell of her ear Speaking of a party I m inviting myself to the one in your pants Despite Cameo s demon I loved her as a heroine I was afraid that being inside her head would bewelldepressing And while it wasn t full of rainbows and unicorns I loved her inner monologue Her pain was so strong so shrill she could almost understand a man s suffering when he had a cold As for the rest guess you ll just have to read it to find out But here s a small hint about what you ll find here1 William and his obsession with Ginny we get a step closer and one HUGE twist into their story2 Hades Holy mother of set ups but if what happens in this book is the possibility of what s to come I m practically salivating already3 Viola Man oh man but the plot thickens with this one I can t wait to see how it all unfoldsI m pretty sure that I may throw a slight tantrum if William s book isn t next So I ll just be here on pins and needles waiting to see just who Gena will give us with book 14 ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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Gena Showalter returns with a sizzling Lords of the Underworld story about an iron willed sovereign and the somber beauty who melts him with a glance Possessed by the demon of Misery Cameo isn't allowed to experience joy If she dares her memory is wiped clean With no other recourse she sneaks into. 275 starsGoing to try and keep this short ish who am I kidding and straight to the point What I liked LazarusEverything elseFor me what made this decent was the ongoing development between Cameo and Lazarus prior to this book Their story was built up since Torin s book So their reconnection and his possessive mine mine mine in here carried weight I felt it and believed it This couple is perfect example of why I gravitate toward couples built overtime in this series rather than warrior insert random new woman here insta lust HEA template A template Gena has exhausted to death at this point Gena can no longer do gradual organic relationship development in just one book She has her heroes spitting out Mine by Chapter 3 to some random strange woman which just underscores the entire illegitimacy of the couple s relationship and chemistry It s over before it starts with this approach You need to sell us the goods before deciding to buy it you feel me The past 3 books is testament to that But here Cameo and Lazarus were sweet and not bad Was some of the drama here overdone and convoluted Yep You bet Don t even ask me what the whole you picked to save me You care about me You don t care about me You picked to stay with me over leaving But you chose death over me You betrayed me convoluted merry go around even meant I stopped trying to make sense of Cameo s confusing nonlogic half way in I feel like every LOTU book now reads like a riddle that you have to work hard to translate or uncode And not in an intentional way either Same as the last book you have the characters talking in confusing circles and contradicting each other or blurting out new information like you the reader already know it but you don t so it s hard to follow along Is your head spinning just reading that Well just imagine that throughout an entire book And once again Gena really needs to work on solidifying her world building and tightening things up with better editing Stuff that made no sense even small would pop up in places and take me out of a scene Discrepancies such as Lazarus taking his shirt off for sexy time but next page his shirt is back on and getting stained the couple is described as lying down on her bed but Lazarus stands up to his full height and Cameo is climbing on top of the bedLazy stuff like this takes you out of a scene completely especially when you have to go back and re read passages cause you think you are crazy It rips you out of moments and destroys scenesAnd speaking of destroying Galen just kicking it back in here with the Lords at the fortress no big deal all chill like he wasn t out of his mind with worry and flying off to try and track down Legion at the end of the last book Uuuuhok WTF happened there Torin cracking ill timed crass death jokes and ribbing Galen when his supposed best friend is near death and bedridden in the same fucking roomUm erkay Stay classy asshole Stop having your characters turn into uncaring OOC indifferent assholes just because you want to throw in lame punch lines It s insane and confusing AF and ruins whatever development you created in previous books These awkward clumsy inconsistencies and insane plot holes are just too obvious to ignore And the confusing dialogue of course An example Lazarus has crystals running through his veins and he believes he s dying There is no known cure he knows of He knows that Cameo knows that But she wants him to fight and find a loophole around it They bicker over this and when he straight out reminds her there is no cure she yells at him there is a cure like he knows this somehow and his response is another cure UmWHAT CURE Want to share with the rest of the class As for the other characters that played in hereSiobhan I m already weary as fuck about this character and her role in William s story I think the mirror angle is very convenient insert to cover all areas ButI am kinda intrigued by her That moment between her and Hades was very hmmminteresting William sigh Oh William Suck it up dude You are NOW regretting not stepping up to save Gilly Seriously Yeah if only If only the author didn t want to keep fucking around with you like this smacks hand I still am unhappy with that move of his in The Darkest Torment and yeah doesn t really make him look the greatest or look promising for Gilly I m just not really loving how passive aggressive he s acting which again I think is of the author not being sure which way to take him And that s evident in the contradicting backforth dialogue Which sucks because in the process once again it makes your characters come off out of character view spoilerPS That bonus scene at the end was a big fat WTF for me Another INCONSISTENCY ALERT Or like plot hole If this scene supposedly took place after The Darkest Torment before Cameo s book then why the fck is William acting so chill and lounging about with Hades like he doesn t have a care in the world Gena this made no sense At the end of The Darkest Torment William was nearly homicidal and out of his mind going after Gilly trying to find her So to see him here act so calm and talking about Gilly like nothing major happened made no damn sense And it didn t bode well for Gilly It s the same thing with Galen and him acting so weird in here and completely forgetting about Legion Are we on the same timeline here Am I reading the same thing as everyone else Is anyone even fact checking her work for consistency before it s printed I just don t get it I also uestion what was the point of this bonus scene since it didn t really give us new information or hints for what s to come especially since it happened previous to this book Was this extra inserted to further change direction and show William doesn t care that much about Gilly It s just so asinine hide spoiler

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    Cameo Demon of MiseryButterfly on her lower backHer curse Misery depression tears emotional pain Her voise makes people commit suicides It makes them crazy with sadness Cameo was never happy Lazarus Immortal warrior Son of Typhon and Echidna a Gorgon King of the Realm of Grimm and FanticaSupernatural ability He is the son of the mos

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    I JUST WANT GILLIAM This series is on hold until I know what happens with those two

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    275 starsGoing to try and keep this short ish who am I kidding? 😂 and straight to the point What I liked? LazarusEverything else?For me what made this decent was the ongoing development between Cameo and Lazarus prior to this book Their story was built up since Torin’s book So their reconnection and his possessive ‘mine mine mine’ in here carried weight I felt it and believed it This couple is perfect example of

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    uick thoughts So it was an improvement from the last 2 3 books in this series but it's not without it's flaws of courseLazarus and Cameo were a HUGE disaster waiting to happen and it was really close to be exactly that but it wasn't just because we were already familiar with the couple I think that if Cameo and

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    4 STARS He couldn’t get enough of her this woman who’d enchanted him past all reason She was passion and pleasure sudd

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    4 CameoLazarus StarsSPOILERS To say I was worried going into this read would be an understatement After the nap fest that was Baden's book I d

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    So in love with cameo and Lazarus book I love cameo and I'm so glad she finally got her happy ending Cameo is one of the best characters from the dark seriesany hot bad ass chic that can hold her own in a group of totally alpha males has got to be awesome Her and Lazarus have a chemistry that burns up the page

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    Finally we have the book I’ve been impatiently waiting for the last two years Cameo and Lazarus “I can walk into a room and ruin a party

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    25 3 “yawn” STARS To be honest at this point I'm only continuing with this series because of William All my fav characters aren't even mentioned much any new characters resemble the old ones the plots are somewhat not wo

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    35 stars At least I really liked the relationship between Cameo and Lazarus It felt natural and rightAlso I'm intrigued ab

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