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By integrating democratic government with cutting edge American innovation the lieutenant governor of California charts a bright future for open source AmericaCitizenville is the story of how ordinary citizens can use new digital tools to dissolve political gridlock and transform American democracy As social networking and smart phones have changed the way we communicate with one another these technologies are also changing our relationship with governmentIn a world where people can do anything at the touch of a button shop communicate do research publish a blog transfer money government cannot keep functioning in a twentieth century mind set Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom explores the many ways in which technology can transform government an. This is not an entertaining read It is dry and uninteresting but still is pertinent The book is filled with stories of how certain local governments have learned to use the social media and technology available to move toward a transparent government and society The major issue I see is the loss of privacy Not only is big brother watching your every movea bit of drama herebut all of your neighbors family friends the IRS and all law enforcement can also have access to information about you me and everyone There is no privacy That s the 1984 fright still building The good news is that if everybody can watch people may have second thoughts before they decide to do some crime If you phuck up everybody can know it within hours or minutesdepending on who you areAs communication technology continues to advance there may be no real need for members of congress to maintain an office in DC or even be present to cast a vote or debate a bill This won t happen all at once because people aren t willing to accept change that they fear may have an undesirable effect on their own sack of money But change is coming faster all the time We can choose to embrace the changes or get passed by the fast moving train of progressMichael

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D empower citizens Opening up vast troves of government data then letting people create apps to use them wisely Harnessing the popularity of online games to establish a kind of “Angry Birds for Democracy” Inventing new feedback loops so people can take active part in every facet of governingDrawing on wide ranging interviews with thinkers and politicians Citizenville is the first book by Lieutenant Governor Newsom He broke new ground as the mayor of San Francisco one of the most high tech experimental and progressive municipalities in the nation But when Newsom’s tenure as mayor began he found that San Francisco was behind the likes of Estonia and South Korea in terms of digital governance Newsom’s uest to modernize one of America’s m. This book is written by the Lieutenant Governor of California I say that because while I was reading it I kept telling myself what the Hell is he doing now in relationship to the ideas in this book I think Jerry Brown swallowed him Are Lieutenant Governors like Vice Presidents Does Jerry Brown have to die before we get to see what this guy can do His record as mayor of San Francisco is so strong maybe he should go back to being mayor One of the inferences I made from reading the book is that real change is much easier on a local level than a state level and much easier on a state level than a national level Changing the paradigm of government from top down liberalconservative a few deciding for the passive many to total involvement from the bottom up is very appealing His populism seems centered on participation vs a throw the bums out mentality we have at present My only criticism of this book is that I think he minimizes the anti government passion of the tea party and he misconstrues ignorance for passion Thoughtless fanatacism like even considering not raising the debt seiling or using it as a political football is anti American and asserted by people with ignorance of basic economics I blush at the joy I felt thinking about playing the United States as a Farmville game a wild and crazy idea that just might work It s certainly appealing than playing the United States as Monopoly

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Ost modern cities and the amazing results he achieves form the backbone of this far reaching bookLieutenant Governor Newsom explains how the problems of twenty first century America are too big and too expensive for the government simply to buy solutions Instead we must innovate our way out Just as the post office and the highway system provide public infrastructure to channel both personal and private enterprise a platform upon which citizens can grow so too could a modern digital government house the needs concerns information and collaboration of an enlightened digital citizenryCitizenville shows that the only way Americans can secure their future is by reinventing their relationship to government just as they have countless times beforeFrom. Very interesting and well written book I work professionally in the collaboration software space What Gavin Newsome has proposed is very good straightforward common sense advice This book coming from a technologist in the space might be considered boring but coming from a politician makes it important The book impressed me he knows what he is doingI gave it three stars because it is a good book but for me not particularly groundbreaking I don t want anyone to be turned off by that If you would like to see a clear cogent vision of how government could better leverage information technology to make a better democracy you will find one in this book It is clearly written and well supported by experience We will have this everywhere one day the millennials will bring it about if us older folks fail to so read about it now and learn how better to fit in with the future

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    There's not much I can add to the reviews of Citizenville by Beth Noveck Evgeny Morozov Sara Lai Stirland and Lydia Depillis Yes the book is disjointed incessantly optimistic shameless in its namedropping and often reads like a politician's stump speech on repeat Readers must endure bombastic tired declarations likeThe revolution

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    This is not an entertaining read It is dry and uninteresting but still is pertinent The book is filled with sto

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    Predictably disappointing So why did I read it? Because I wanted to contrast it with Evgeny Morozov's bookThis book is chock full o

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    Gavin Newsome is an entrepreneur former Mayor of San Francisco Lieutenant Governor of California and apparently one heckuva

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    Interesting and valid points but written from the standpoint of a politician some of the arguments fell flat

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    This book is written by the Lieutenant Governor of California I say that because while I was reading it I kept telling myself what the Hell i

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    I as my four star rating would suggest really liked this book Newsom presents a lot of interesting thoughts about the intersection of government and ubiuitous technology and what that could mean for the future of our country The ideas and examples discussed throughout the book are empowering and point toward a possible future defined by inc

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    Very interesting and well written book I work professionally in the collaboration software space What Gavin Newso

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    Basically reads like a I'm a high tech populist vote for me piece of propaganda but interesting nonetheless I'm sk

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    Not sure exactly how I'll rejuvenate the agency I work for but this book motivates me to look at my role as a Federal Employee a bit differently EPA is certainly taking steps to enter the modern age but also struggles with a management heavy structure a regulatory framework for its mission outdated systems and a long entrenched workforce Hopefully government employees will read this book and get inspired