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Misfits by Garrett Leigh

LAMBDA Finalist 2016Restaurant owner Tom Fearnes has loved his partner Cass for as long as he can remember but their work often keeps them apart When he meets a striking young man named Jake on the vibrant streets of Camden Town their heady first encounter takes an unexpected turnJake Thompson can hardly believe his luck when he. M nage books are a tricky prospect if the author is actually trying to write a believable romance as compared to only a piece of dirty hot eroticaI loved how Leigh wrote this story where the sexy bits were in much less focus than the actual relationship that the three men developTom and Cass have been together and in love for nearly a decade but as they met at 20 and 19 years old respectively they still had wild oats to sew so they ve always slept with other people usually separatelyTheir open arrangement always worked for them because feelings for those other guys never came into play EverHowever when steady dependable workaholic Tom meets snarky withdrawn Tourette s sufferer Jake something just clicks between them And Tom is immediately torn between his intense attraction to Jake and reconciling those feelings as to where they could or should fit in with his current relationship And after Tom s partner the similarly snarky ex con Cass sees the broken lonely 24 yo Jake alone in their bed the morning after Tom and Jake meet Cass also recognizes that Jake is someone specialTom is a fixer and Cass knows first hand how skilled Tom is at helping others get their lives back on track so he urges Tom to spend time with Jake to help him find his way What are you saying I m saying stay here and be what he needs You ve got a big heart babe There s plenty of you to go around Tom grabbed Cass as he started to turn away I love you Cass smiled I know That s why I m totally cool with this I can see it Tom I can see what draws you to him and it s fucking beautiful So Tom begins helping Jake put his life back together first by offering him a job then by helping him realize his own self worthBut it s actually Cass who rides to the rescue when Jake loses his apartment and is having a severe Tourette s breakdown literally banging his head against a wall in the rainCass loads Jake into his car and brings him home to live with Tom and Cass And their evil also snarky cat SourisWatching the three men bond once they re all under the same roof if s true thing of beauty I d have read the book for those aspects aloneNeither Jake nor Cass had easy lives growing up having many things in common so the two form a close friendship while getting to know about one another s pasts Then those feelings turn into something much and they connect on an even deeper level Jake smiled You don t remember the sun Fuck the sun Jake I only saw you But Cass still can t and won t talk about the most painful aspects of his past not even with Tom which has always caused the majority of the couple s problemsAnd just as Jake begins to work his way past some of Cass defenses news is revealed to Cass regarding the most painful trauma from his childhood So he runs From Tom from Jake from everythingSelf sufficient take charge Tom eventually leans on Jake to help bring Cass safely home which I found very fitting as all three of the men were all in for making their three lationship a goAs I mentioned before the book is not sex centered however of the 5 ish on page bedroom scenes which were CRAZY HOT my favorite was the last one where all 3 finally fully connect as one It was best for everyone if he let Jake take charge Sex between them all was sometimes too hot to handle Often Cass got rowdy and people fell over Then Tom got cross and Jake laughed and no one got to come A bloody shambles that s what it was unless Jake called the shots And it wasn t about who put what where It never had been It was about holding Tom and Jake in his arms and loving them for everything they d done for him But this long spoiler ish so hiding it excerpt where Cass reveals how he really felt and why when Jake first entered their lives Simply beautiful view spoiler Tom rolled his eyes but then his gaze fell on Jake still sleeping peacefully and his expression softened How did you really feel when you first found him in our bed at the flat That woke Cass up You re asking me now I asked you at the time but you never gave me an answer Cass took over tracing patterns on Jake s beautiful bare skin and thought back to another morning he d found Jake in bed fast asleep I didn t feel anything to start with Messing around with other blokes had always felt right until that point What changed Cass considered the uestion and found his answer was convoluted than he d ever realized Jake and Tom were two of a kind both one of those rare beings that set the world alight with just a gentle smile Cass had felt no jealousy when he d discovered Jake in their bed the sheets rumpled with sex and sleep No he d only felt hope hope that Tom would finally get the life he deserved a life where his lover didn t beat him back and shut him out A life that made his smile reach his eyes every bloody time But it was than that Deeper Cass kissed Jake s shoulder Breathed him in He didn t hear me come in that morning I d watched him for ages before he woke up and punched himself really hard you know Like he hated himself then he looked at me and I just wanted to rub his chest better I never really got over that Know the feeling Tom sounded wistful When I figured out you felt the same way about him as I did I thought I was the luckiest bloke in the world And now I still feel like that but it s changed over the past few months I feel like it s I don t know solidified Like it s permanent I don t feel like we re searching for something any that make sense It did The bond between the three of them felt perfect Tom and Cass had their past and Jake was their future the link they d never known was missing Cass had always believed Tom to be his one great love but he loved Jake too just as much and somehow it all seemed to work It makes sense Cass said I was lucky before but now I can hardly remember what it was like without him hide spoiler

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Days it feels like he hasn’t much to give Jake seems like the perfect solution Cass risks everything to push Jake and Tom together but Jake resists wary until the darkness of Cass’s past comes to call Then Jake finds himself the last man standing and it’s time to dig deep and shine a light for the men he’s grown to love. Confession I did not want to read this book Ummm so why did I Because I wanted to read this book Wait That doesn t make sense which is it I guess I wanted to read it but I was nervous I kept putting it off procrastinating and subconsciously making excuses Why Because I don t read poly books Why not They make me uncomfortable Uncomfortable Yeah No that s not right PerplexedHow come I suppose because I don t understand it How can it honestly work It must be off kilter Okay so don t read it But this is Garrett Leigh and I love all things Garrett Leigh Well then I think I should stop talking in circles and tell you how Leigh not only helped me understand and admire the intricate puzzle of three but left me awestruck with the beauty of her wordsagainWhat s to like Love is powerful intense and bears the curse of undeniable pain Can you love someone with everything you ve got and it still not be enough Tom does many things well but loving Cass is his greatest achievement Cass has fought demons his entire life and despite beating them he still can t hold onto the peace that is supposed to accompany love He has a fantastic life why can t he just be happy Tom is his pillar of strength and light But Tom needs Cass to maintain his brilliance and lately he has found himself dimming He needs another source to charge him and when he meets Jake he feels the spark across the room Jake literally buzzes with excess energy I was captivated with him I wanted to know everything about him Luckily I wasn t the only oneLeigh didn t make this one easy and for that I m extremely grateful Jake Cass and Tom stole the limelight but it wouldn t have been nearly as stunning without the elaborate threads that twist their lives together I loved every bit from Jake navigating his Tourette s and finding his footing in their business to Cass fighting the shackles of his past and his deep compulsion to care for people from his kitchen and Tom juggling all the irons in the fire while keeping his partners safe and happy It was impressive and I m still reeling from it allWhat s to love To grasp the complexity of this romance we must appreciate all three men Thankfully we are given ample time to explore the depth of each character I adored getting to know all of them Tom and Cass have been together for nearly a decade They are fiercely in love They also have an open relationship This is important to recognize There is no cheating here Cheating occurs when there is deception and dishonesty Tom and Cass are completely up front and have no secrets They separate sex from their relationship differently than other couples They are exclusive with their hearts but not their bodies They have never had to worry about anyone coming between them becausethey are a perfect fit Two pieces that belong together But what they didn t realize is although they fit they don t lock They slowly drift and slide until they crash back together again and again and again Then Jake comes along He is the missing piece the arch end that locks them tight Jake doesn t interfere he is the connection that secures them blinks Yeah I see it now It s breathtaking and you don t want to miss it eitherBeware of A complicated and challenging merging of three lost souls There is sexy shagging but its shining message is about ultimate surrender and dreams becoming a reality Leigh reminds us that we can exist without truly living and should cherish those that keep us alive and she takes us on one hell of a ride to prove itThis book is for If m nage lights your fire you ve probably met this trio before now But if you re like me and you shy away from three trust me this is the place to start Leigh will open your eyes and your heart and demonstrate interlocking harmony has nothing to do with a numberNow if you ll excuse me I m going to go back to counting the days until Strays graces my kindle45 starsBook UNfunk

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Wakes up in Tom’s bed Tom is gorgeous kind and taken Tom’s explanation of his open relationship leaves Jake cold but Tom is too tempting and when hard times force Jake to accept Tom’s helping hand he finds himself between two men who’ve lost their way Cass Pearson is a troubled soul He loves Tom with all he has but some. This book It snuck up on me I read the blurb and I thought to myself I ve not read a MMM in a long time so let s give this thing a goBest decision I ve made in uite some timeNot only is it an incredible story of finding and falling in love in an unconventional way but it s masterfully constructed These characters are all relatable and fallible which is what I loved most about them how realistically they are portrayed Never once did I think their behavior was improbable or absurd they may be illogical at times but that s human nature and part of what made them so accessible The fact that they keep trying even if they get it wrong sometimes resonated with me They are always conscientious and sometimes they make educated guesses something I much prefer to omniscience The best feeling I ever have as a reader is sinking into a character and the narrative not just seeing the other characters through their eyes but trying to figure them out right alongside them and here I had not one not two but three juicy characters to puzzle out Tom Jake and CassI loved all these characters and even though we only get one chapter the epilogue from Cass s perspective he was my favorite He s clearly hiding something that s eating at him I was drawn in like the proverbial moth to his dynamic flame I found myself constantly wondering what he thought or felt about any given situation He s also a chef so there is that And he says the sweetest things I reckon you re everything me and Tom didn t know we were looking for Leigh did a phenomenal job of weaving this triad together I had reservations deep into this narrative but the way she went about making Jake and Cass friends first and seeing that friendship evolve into something gradually solidified my belief in their longevity Each of these men contributes to the relationship yet none of them are perfect and they realize and accept that about each other If that s not love in its purest form I m not sure what is This is uneuivocally the best contemporary MMM romance I ve ever read The sex scenes were that magical combination of a little bit kinky a little bit dirty yet intimate and always taking care to show their connection to one another AND THERE WAS LOTS OF COOKING All the win The Camden project the concept and how it came together folding Jake into their lives seamlessly without fanfare was probably the highlight for me and I identified with the Urban Soul ethos The only uibble I have is all the Brit speak but I can t in good conscience deduct for that because a it lends authenticity and b it d be hypocritical and American of me So no I just sucked it up and dealt and thought maybe I d like to listen to this in audiobook one day to really get all the different accentsI would recommend this to contemporary romance readers who enjoy reads without an abundance of antics who have an open mind when it comes to relationships A review copy was provided

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    Well color me shockedI read a book WITH cheating And liked itThis was my first Garrett Leigh read so I had no idea what to expect I just knew it was an MMM and all I hoped for was that all three Ms would be together in the end This book was a lot serious than I was expecting Great character development Tom and Cass have been a couple for a long timeover 10 years They have a very different relationship An open

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    Ménage books are a tricky prospect if the author is actually trying to write a believable romance as compared to only a piece of dirty hot eroticaI loved how Leigh wrote this story where the sexy bits were in much less focus than the actual relationship that the three men developTom and Cass have been together and in lo

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    Even if you’re not a fan a ménages romances this read might work for you because it’s than a simple MMM story “Misfits” like many books in this genre is not only about sex It’s a story about love life connections and moving on The title is perfect for the book Like Tom and Cass's restaurants every sin

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    5 StArSThis was my 1st Garrett Leigh read and what a treat it was enticing my heart falling in love with each of these guy's and I certainly did Hook Line Sinker ESPECIALLY JAKE beautiful uirky unassuming JAKE Tom Fearnes and his lover Cass have been life partners and co restaurant owners for a long time but th

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    Audio 4 starsStory 5 stars I've read and enjoyed several MMM books but this one really stands out It was different from what I've read in the past Established couple in an open relationship fall in love with the other man that one of them hooked up with Loved it The pacing was great The relationship development was done in such a way that it

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    This book It snuck up on me I read the blurb and I thought to myself I've not read a MMM in a long time so let's give this thing a

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    Tom is a businessman who is making research while being interested to open a new restaurant in the Camden area While researching he meets Jake a really special guyThey flirt and they instantly hit it off What Jake doesn't know though is that T

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    Confession I did not want to read this book Ummm so why did I? Because I wanted to read this book Wait? That doesn’t make

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    ♥♥♥ 4 STARS ♥♥♥ ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●'One does not refuse love It was there before we ever knew it'●  ●  ●  ●  ●

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    Misfits is the beautifully written story of three men who come to love on another Tom and Cass have been together for a number of years and are also successful business partners who also have an open relationship After a chance meeting between Tom and Jake their lives become intertwined This book was not at all how I'd expected When I first started I thought it would be too angsty for me because the subject m

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