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SUMMARY Abschied Diabolo #25

DayCarlotta collapses and has to be taken to the hospital and the kids find out she has a brain tumor reuiring emergency surgery The kids and grownups all know the show must go on not just for the horses but also for Carlott.

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Abschied Diabolo #25

AFor Ricki however the day becomes even of a nightmare Her horse Diablo's abusive former owner is out of prison and wants revenge ont he people who put him there Ricki and Jake His plan kidnapping Diablo and using him as bait.

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Ricki and her friends have a lot of work to do When Carlotta decides to hold an open house to showcase the unwanted and abused horses saved by her Mercy Ranch her friends both young and old all pitch in to prepare for the big.

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    I'm not sure if it's the translation's that's bad or if the book isn't that well written but I know I am critical now than I was when I started reading this at about the age of 13 They are still very cute but the language is annoyingly jumpy and unfinished sometimes

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    I loved this book it was simply amazing