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    Everything on this planet has a problem from the broad outside world even to the deepest thoughts of our minds we are always surrounded with problems Elbert Hubbard said “The main who has no problems is out of the game In the book Fire on the Hill by Frank Rockland the story takes place when the world was facing one of

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    Fire on the Hill by Frank Rockland is a fascinating look at the political and social side of life in Ottawa during the early years of WWI In it we meet Wilfrid Laurier and Robert Borden uncover the intrigue of a possible Ge

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CNutt has been struggling to secure Canada's borders against acts of sabotage organized by German military attaches based in New York City The good news is that the Americans have finally ordered them back to Germany The bad news is that Berlin has sent one of their best operatives Count Jaggi to replace themUsing his cove.

SUMMARY Fire on the Hill

Fire on the Hill

What really happened on the night of February 3 1916 when a fire destroyed the centre block of the Canadian Parliament buildings Inspector Andrew MacNutt of the Dominion Police's Secret Service his wife Katherine and Count Jaggi know since they were there in the reading room when the fire startedEver since the war began Ma.


R as a Belgian Relief representative Count Jaggi visits Ottawa where he meets and is attracted to Katherine who is helping him organize a local fundraiserUnaware that Inspector MacNutt has intercepted his secret messages and is hot on his trail Count Jaggi takes a final trip to Ottawa to see Katherine with tragic conseuenc.