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The Last Chance

PLAYING FOR HIGH STAKESThat's what Jim McNellis was doing when he turned up in the town of Bent Fork He was tired of a gambler's life always moving on to the next saloon calling no place home up against two timing dealers and forced to even th.

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Della for his own and would fight any way he could to keep her And he hadn't figured on how hard it could be to leave your past behind especially when it could be waiting right up the next dark alley to ambush you in a vengeful hail of bullets.

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E odds with a gun in his handNow it was time to settle down and Bent Fork seemed just the place to do it But Jim hadn't reckoned on a beauty like Della Schmidt a little too eager to make a stranger welcome in town; or Rex Dermott who'd marked.

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Frank O'Rourke was an American writer known for western and mystery novels and sports fiction O'Rourke wrote than 60 novels and numerous magazine articlesBorn in Denver Colorado he attended Kemper Military School A talented amateur baseball player he considered trying out for a professional team but was called up for service in World War II At the end of the war he decided to become a

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