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characters Bred by the Beastmen Bred by the Beastmen #1

In all the years he’s known about the wild men he’s never seen a female Will Gina be able to keep her femininity concealed or will the gorgeous muscular terrifying men of the forest figure her outWarning This 5300 word erotic short story features a

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Bred by the Beastmen Bred by the Beastmen #1

When TV show host Gina Templeton gets a hot tip about a group of never before filmed beastmen living deep in an uncharted forest she jumps at the chance to break the story However as soon as she and her team arrive on location their guide reveals that

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Group halfway between man and beast a woman bound a forced gangbang reluctant breeding explicit oral and vaginal sex anal play a terrified cameraman an alpha that towers above the rest of the beastmen and a woman who is far important than she realizes

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    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LOVERSif this book doesn't get your sweetie in the mood don't worry there's always poetrybetter stick with this twssi'm not really sure i fully grasped the specifics of this story it is about a womanthat much i knowi am n