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    Great ponygirl storyOnly it feels as if starts in the middle of the story I miss the building up how she became a ponygirl She is now on the track for the race for freedom Her training is mentioned but I would h

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    This had the potential to be really good Unfortunately the story didn't start until the start of the race I was hoping for back story and build up to the race Otherwise this story could have been great Good potential and otherwise we

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Free read ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Felicity Ray Kyles

Lucy made the very serious mistake of signing several contracts without actually reading them Because of her impatience she must spend several weeks on a ranch bound and bridled like any other pony She isn't alone on this ranch There are other pony girls trainers and handlers Everyone outranks her She is just an animal now an animal with one chance to win her freedom If she can take first place in a very special race then she.

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Bit and Bridle

Ather sleeves harness bit and bridle Lucy can struggle as much as she wants She is going to race and she had better win unless she wants to become a permanent pony girl Publisher’s Note This 10000 word story contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable Erotic themes include bondage male domination pet play pony play and public humiliation All characters are over the consenting adults over the age of 1.

Free read ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Felicity Ray Kyles

Will return to her normal life But all of the other pony girls have the same goal More importantly Lucy knows that she will be punished if she loses Her rider is a strict man who will see this girl tamed Sure she might still thinks of herself as a young professional the kind of girl who can flirt or talk her way out of any situation But that's a lot difficult when she has a bit in her mouth Naked except for her hoof boots le.