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Volution When a mutated 'visitor' from this altered future is sent back on behalf of his people to thank them the ev.

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The Changers, Volume 2 (Changers, #2)

Ents that follow convince one of the men that their Mission will be a success and the other that it will be a failur.

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Two young men from an apexed Human society in the distant future are sent back in time to catalyze a leap in Human e.

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    Three million years in humanity's future the human race has reached an evolutionary peak and stagnated Hoping to push past what is perceived to be the limits of improvement this future society sends two young men Geaza and Bisso back to the 21st century to catalyze a leap in evolution All they have to do is go about normal lives as the catalyst exudes from their bodiesIn this concluding volume Oscar returns to make amends for the damage h