[PDF/EPUB] Boneshaker BA 43 500 #10 By Evan P. Schneider

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Hree poems by Portland’s Mr Casey Fuller127 Where Have You Gone ToBike Commuter Betty wraps up her advice on commuting etiuette131 Broken Bones Cycling Fashion and “Freds” what Tin House’s Rob Spillman has observed riding worldwide141 “A Small Friction”a poem by Ms Kjerstin Johnson144 “Breaking the Chain”a short story by England’s own Ms Juliette Birch150 uiet Memoriestwo poems by Mr Stanley Noah154 Mark Twain Cycling KitMs Hilary Oliver asks why you need that fancy spandex outfit156 The Bike Shop Spectrumthe future of bike shops according to Mr Ian Klepetar162 “Crossed Flight Paths”a poem by Ms Claudia Reinhardt168 The Death of MysteryMs Shea’la Finch ponders what we’ve lost in always looking at our pho

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Boneshaker BA 43 500 #10

To EmpathyMs Julie Brook’s commuting encounters have her thinking about compassion61 “Dark Fields of the Republic”the talented Mr Chris Dempsey rides on in the hours before dawn65 Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo is Rarely Without his Bike Ms Alex Behr asks the famous rocker why he climbs in the saddle84 “It’s All The River”traveling musician Mr Ben Weaver rides from MLPS to NOLA in support of his new record98 From IndicesMr Patrick Barron explores the limitless101 The Ten Best Things About Biking the CO and GAP from DC to Pittsburghdesserts and wildlife top Mr Adam Perry’s best of list112 Learning from Lessons Nearly LostChicago commuter Mr Benjamin van Loon tries to call a truce123 The Past The Future and Ann Coulter t

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7 Record of the Cyclistfor the enlisted to be used in the field8 Preface From the Summit of Our Tenth Issuea brief note from the editor9 Letters to the Editorvarious voices sung near and far10 “Twenty First Century Fieldtrip”Mr Barry North stretches this morning into eternity12 Smidge Space Go Westconcludedthe fifth and final installment of Ms Maureen Foley’s drawn depiction of a vexing trip22 TrailedMs Kjerstin Johnson feels like she’s being followed30 Review The Specialized Globe Daily 1Mr Dan DeWeese posits that the future of cycling is already here39 In Tandemthe poetry of Salt Lake City’s Ms Amy Brunvand41 The End of the Alphabetthe XYZ’s of Mr Mike Compton’s irreverent cycling dictionary47 Cycling On the Road

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