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Ow to keep your cool when everyone around you is ‘losing it’This book gives you exercises which you can practice and modify to improve your ability to remain calm release stress and overcome anxiety in ways which are instinctive and natural In these exercises you learn about your own inner world how you tick and how you can effect

characters Stay Calm Under Stress

Stay Calm Under Stress

Ively influence your inner life so powerfully that you will feel masterful in the most chaotic of environments It takes practice to be sure Here are the steps in that practice to exude calmness and inner peace when YOU want to Take hold of the steering wheel of your own inner stress reactions and optimize them according to YOUR design

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Do you find yourself going on “Auto Pilot” in your reactions to stress Although you know what serenity is when you’re alone do you find it difficult to impossible to maintain it around others ESPECIALLY when they’re in chaosDo you often worry about things even though you KNOW that worrying won’t helpWould you like to learn h

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