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summary ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Escobar Walker

★★★ The hard hitting seuel to the multi award nominated novel BOWLING BALL ★★★ Starting with frenzied masturbation a back door entrance to a Glasgow nightclub and a racially aggravated altercation in a east London strip joint Escobar Walker's second novel SIDEWAYS MOVERS resumes in the immediate aftermath of the author's multi award nominated debut BOWLING BALL WITH HIS FLATMATE dead and his nemesis Chaz Nisbet languishing in prison on a murder charge life is gradually starting to look back up for anti hero Dempsy when a free summer holiday in Spain is uickly followed by a potentially lucrative compensation pay out falling into or rather out of his lap whilst eating in a well known fast fo.

free download Sideways Movers Three Realistic Holes trilogy Book 2

Sideways Movers Three Realistic Holes trilogy Book 2

Y little hope of getting either The story edges closer towards an inevitable car crash conclusion as our main protagonist takes matters into his own hands to resolve his sexual and financial frustrations first with an unsuccessful late night visit to a red light district and then with a profitable foray into an upmarket housing estate in Milngavie to boost his ailing sales figures Or at least it is looking that way until an invitation to a Halloween party results in something altogether sordid and sinister At over 80000 words SIDEWAYS MOVERS is a full length novel TALES OF THE GREAT PIMP MCDADDY the third and final instalment in Escobar Walker's 'Three Realistic Holes' trilogy will be published in 201.

summary ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Escobar Walker

Od chain Unfortunately the arrival of precocious bawbag Barry Veitch at his workplace just as uickly drags the serial masturbator back down into the harsh realities of modern life with his shell suited teenage colleague acting as a stark reminder not only of Dempsy’s bleak future prospects selling double glazed windows on one of Glasgow’s poorest council estates but also of the even depressing monkey that remains on his back still being a virgin in his twenties Set against the backdrop of a pubic lice infestation and the mundane lives of the stories five main characters SIDEWAYS MOVERS portrays a grim pastiche of under achievement in everyday life in central Scotland no money no girlfriend and ver.