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Commuter Etiuette Book 1Every morning millions of people will embark upon the same journey into the City sat on a train among a carriage of strangers never knowing the identity of the person sat beside them on so many occasions But what are the rules by which these people abide to ensure a peaceful and pleasant journey And how do they react when the extraordinary threatens to interrupt their otherwise tranuil and harmonious existenceIn issue one of the Commuter Etiuette series How To Solve A Murder we discover how all accepted protocols go out the window when a young girl is found dead in.

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How To Solve A Murder

A carriage on the morning commute to London With a variety of personalities present on the carriage everyone's a suspect but it soon becomes apparent just how little they know about one another And the individual fears and concerns of those on board bubble to the surface as tensions rise and threaten to destabilize the unity of the groupWill they find the killer before he makes good his escape in the rush hour traffic Or will the narrator's somewhat vivid imagination distract from the priority of solving this case; as he breaks accepted protocol to reassert his status within the carriage.

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Hierarchy fights for survival and breathing space with an over sized neighbour and debates the traumas of life with his travelling companion who also happens to be an origami crane created from the free newspaper collected from the stationExplore the world of the commuter in this surreal and unusual take on the habits of this surreal and unusual creature Full of romance infatuation desire and passion along with an encounter with an outraged Nazi Commander; the Commuter Etiuette series takes us on a journey that so many undertake on a regular basis but fail to reveal their tales Until now.

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