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Utic modalities that have been proven useful in reducing hypertension stroke seualae metabolic syndromedyslipidemia and inflammatory diseases Magnesium therapeutic modalities also have impacts in the fields of neurology the elderly and in obstetrics Magnesium Applications in Clinical Medicine explores the many uses of magnesium and its applications in clinical medicineFeatures Presents information on the impacts magnesium has on various aspects of health conditions and disease prevention Describes magnesium usage in treating and managing several conditions including dyslipidemia migraine metabol.

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Magnesium is an essential mineral reuired by humans playing an important role in multiple biochemical processes as well as preventing and managing several diseases and disorders Deficiencies of magnesium can lead to a wide range of medical conditions including cardiovascular disease diabetes and hypertensionWith myocardial infarction and stroke being the first and fifth cause of mortality in the United States the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to produce therapies that reduce co morbidity and mortality Recent observational studies of magnesium have added to the list of potential therape.

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Ic syndrome and high blood pressure Discusses magnesium therapy in stroke and magnesium deficiency in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Promotes knowledge of overall health and wellness that can be applied in any specialty of medicineThis book encompasses various uses of magnesium in a clinical setting ranging from its role in maintaining homeostasis to its uses in the fields of dermatology cardiology neurology and in obstetrics Written by contributors who are experts in their fields it is a comprehensive collaboration of this ubiuitous dietary supplement's applications in clinical medici.

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