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    I’ve got a massive soft spot for this story I’m always a fan of historical stories and even though this doesn’t feature an iconic character from Earth’s past the highway man Richard Mace is a fun addition to the storyThe Terileptil’s might not be as iconic alongside other Doctor Who monsters but I uite like themThe story’s conclu

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    The prologue to this one is really uite good It starts with a gentle description of a summer evening in 17th century England with a fox witnessing the arrival of alien visitors Yes it's all a bit clichéd but the tranuil poetry of the moments counterpoint the tragic brutality of what is to follow very well Eric Saward a

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    Eric Saward's adaptation of his own fifth Doctor script is very much in the mid level Terrance Dicks mode of transcribing the television story with little or no embellishment In the day and age in which the Doctor

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    The plot is one of the standard oft seen ones where aliens are about to invade earth usually picking a starting point in and around London More than anything else it's the characters that give this one some of its high points from the actor turned drifter character who becomes the Doctor's reluctant ally to the family who are tragically wiped out early on At this stage the Doctor was a young ish man surrounded by fairl

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    I love this version of the Great Fire of London

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    The Visitation features my absolute favorite opening scene from any Classic Who novelization It opens not on people but on animalsIt was a warm summer evening The rays of the setting sun bathed the old manor hou

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    Virgin reprint 1992 different coverA promising start but the end of the story dosn't really hold up One of the impressive visuals that gloriously bejewelled android doesn't get a decent description; the Terileptils don't really appear until well over halfway through One or two oddities if the Soliton gas is so inflammable setting the London H in a bakery seems daft and how did the Terileptil culture develop a m

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    This is a pretty decent pretty short novel The story is good it has reptilian aliens an android and is set in medieval LondonThe highwaymanactor character Mace adds a great amount of humor and adventure to the story The character would have been a good companion for the doctor similar to Jack in the new series

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book The story runs smoothly and works well

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    Review here

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Tegan the young air hostess who uite unintentionally became a member of the TARDIS's crew wants to return to her own time but when the Doctor tries to take her back to Heathrow Airport in the twentieth century th I ve got a massive soft spot for this story I m always a fan of historical stories and even though this doesn t feature an iconic character from Earth s past the highway man Richard Mace is a fun addition to the storyThe Terileptil s might not be as iconic alongside other Doctor Who monsters but I uite like themThe story s conclusion has a nice twist

CHARACTERS Doctor Who and The Visitation

Doctor Who and The Visitation

From time and space have made the villagers extremely suspicious of outsidersAnd as a result of the aliens' evil schemes the Doctor finds himself on the point of playing a key role in a gruesome historical event I thoroughly enjoyed this book The story runs smoothly and works well

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E TARDIS lands instead on the outskirts of seventeenth century LondonThe Doctor and his companions receive a decidedly unfriendly welcome but it soon becomes clear that the sinister activities of other visitors The Visitation features my absolute favorite opening scene from any Classic Who novelization It opens not on people but on animalsIt was a warm summer evening The rays of the setting sun bathed the old manor house in subtle shades of red and gold Evening stars appeared as the light continued to fade From a high branch a sleepy owl watched a fox break cover and silently pad toward the west wing of the manor house Night was awakeningBefore we actually reach the people who live inside said manor we ve witnessed the owl successfully hunt a field mouse tearing into it with beak and claw and Saward tells us It was the first kill of the evening A beautifully innocuous foreshadowing as we re introduced to the small family inhabiting the manor house mainly seen through the eyes of a brilliant young woman named Elizabeth as she observes a stellar phenomenon while she s recording her thoughts of the day in her diary Just a few pages later however and Elizabeth her brother Charles her father John and the family servant Ralph are loading powder into their guns and defending their home from an other worldly siege The four of them meet a bitter end at the hands of a remorseless adversary though not without bumping off one of their enemies first It s the last we ll see of the family though not their home within the pages of this story and it s a testimony to Saward s skill as a storyteller that the deaths so such minor characters feel so needlessly cruel Re reading it today almost thirty years after I first paged through it as a child I still feel a sense of remorse Elizabeth would have made for a phenomenal Companion but she never got the opportunity and s the pity But now it s over to the Doctor and the real companions so the rest of the story can continueFollowing the events in the previous bookepisode Kinda Tegan has decided she s done enough time traveling and would like to go back to normality The decision has lowered the spirits of fellow companions Nyssa and Adric and even the Doctor isn t immune to his own emotional swings Despite this he s promised to deliver her back to Heathrow Airport right around the time he originally picked her up in Logopolis so she can resume her life as an airline stewardessOf course if there are four words which could sum up much of the Fifth Doctor s adventures they would be Right place wrong time and The Visitation is no different While the Doctor has managed to guide the TARDIS to the right place just outside of London they have arrived there about three hundred years too early Tegan already on edge blows her top and storms out of the TARDIS The Doctor follows her to apologize but it s a bad time to be a stranger in this part of the world as the group are set upon by the local citizenry who are convinced outsiders are behind the miasma which has fallen over the countrysideFortunately before any harm can come to them another player intervenes Richard Mace a rather charming if portly thespian who has been watching the goings on from up in a nearby tree fires off his flintlocks scaring the attackers away in a display of theatrical bravado Descending to meet his new acuaintances he explains that this area of the country has of late been afflicted with a devastating plague one possibly brought on by a recently passing comet and suggests the Doctor and his friends make all due haste in leavingThe Doctor unaware of any plague which should be despoiling England or any passing comets due at this time decides instead to investigate What he uncovers is a small group of aliens the Terileptils who escaped from their life long prison sentence and wound up on Earth Rather than attempt to live in peace they ve decided genocide is the better option and have bio engineered the plague currently affecting the village Once they ve bred enough rats they ll send them out across the countryside and eventually all of humanity will come down with the disease leaving the planet free for the rogue aliens to colonize and terraform to their Soliton breathing needsAs if that wasn t bad enough the Terileptils are top notch android builders The one in their employ is currently tasked with scaring the local population by donning a death s head costume and slapping control bracelets on the local leadership It s impervious to any arms which 17th century peasants could possibly deploy and carries energy weaponry against which no armor is potent enough to stand And while the Doctor and his companions may manage to win the day snatching victory from the jaws of defeat might mean unleashing a frightening calamity of a different kind on the London citizenry There are well over one hundred and fifty different Classic Who novelizations to pick from in the Target lineup but if you re currently uarantined practicing self isolation and social distancing in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic then Doctor Who and the Visitation number 69 in the Target library is a most a propos selection A visitation as defined by Merriam Webster is a special dispensation of divine favor or wrath or a severe trial and Earth at the hands of the Terileptils is certainly facing both of those Who doesn t want to escape a real life plague by using a fictionalized one All kidding aside The Visitation ranks as one of my favorite Fifth Doctor novelizations mainly because Eric Saward who was script editor for the series at the time wrote the original screenplay from which his own novel is derived and knew exactly what he wanted to do The story marks a major change for the series as a whole as Saward acting on instructions from producer John Nathan Turner had the Doctor s ever present sonic screwdriver destroyed by the Terileptils The scene and the Doctor s reaction to it I feel as though you ve just killed an old friend he says mostly to himself are both wonderfully understated In addition the book features Richard Mace who is one of my all time favorite non Companion characters from classic Who I read The Visitation long before I saw the actual episode but Saward captures the essence of Michael Robbins portrayal of the would be highwayman perfectly Interestingly also Mace is one of the few people whom the Doctor invites on his travels to turn down the invitation something you didn t often see in the Classic Who era In one sense this is a shame as he s a complete delight of a character On the other hand the TARDIS was feeling tightly packed Saward has a devil of a time coming up with things for Tegan Nyssa and Adric to do while the Doctor s doing his own thing and of course getting captured is the go to choice for the early part of the story so having him as a one shot is a much better choiceThe reveal at the end was completely lost on me as a child since I wasn t all that familiar with 17th century British history but now being older and a little wordly I can enjoy it for what it is On the other hand while I d very much love to award this story five stars it really is one of my favorite novels of the Davison era I m still deducting one since Saward as the original script author got to novelize his own story but didn t take the opportunity to add much to the narrative As it turns out this is because he was supremely stressed and over worked already from his job with the show and heaping on the added toil of writing what was his first novel did not help As uoted in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine from May of 1989 Saward saidTo be frank I found it a tremendous inconvenience I also felt I wasn t doing it very well because I just couldn t give it the time which annoyed me Christine Donougher was editor at Target then and she was very tolerant and patient but at one stage I didn t want to continue She urged me to go on and I finally finished it but it really happened at the wrong time That s why I didn t do Earthshock it would have been too muchThat Saward managed to turn in such a fine story despite the difficulties he faced is a testament to his skill as a writer and The Visitation is all the richer for it It s easily in the top 3 of my most re read Target novels and completing it again was well worth the trip I look forward to doing so many times in the futureFour sonic screwdrivers RIP out of five