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Iftly fulfill his promise and find troublesome Lily a husband Only she brings light into his dark life and his even darker heart But surely a beauty like Lily would never choose a beast like him. Really enjoyed this oneMiss Lily is alone in the world since her brother death in the war She has struggled not to let society know the dire straits she is in financially She wants to marry for love but things are getting desperate so maybe she will have to settle for security She has to do something since she will be losing her home soon as wellDaniel made a promise to Lily s brother to become her gaurdian but he was grievously injured and wanted nothing to do with anyone He would rather stay in the country He has been sending money to Lily but his conscience tells him he should look further into her situation and honorably complete his task as her gaurdian including finding her a worthy husbandLily and Daniel have a less than good opinion of each other after they first meet They argue They tend to drive each other crazy But as they get to know each other respect grows feelings begin to develop The characters are headstrong and determined The H has issues he must work through and isn t willing to share The h has had a hard time and isn t willing to give up the fight The book over all is a page turner because I couldn t wait to see what would happen next with them

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MISS LILIANA PEVENSEY IMPETUOUS INFURIATING IRRESISTIBLESpirited and independent Lily is horrified to learn her late brother has placed her under the guardianship of brooding Major Daniel Westha. If you re a fan of sweeter romantic Harleuin Historical reads you owe it to yourself to pick up Major Westhaven s Unwilling Ward by Emily Bascom This was my first read by this author but I was caught up in the well paced story of a man and a woman both fighting their own demons who discover that being loved for oneself is the greatest giftLily must marry There s really no other viable solution since her brother died in the war and she can no longer support herself and her loyal maid Not that marriage is BAD but Lily knows that she will have to mask her inuiring mind and intellect instead turning herself into a simpering fawning doll in order to snare a husband amongst the ton When a handsome yet distant stranger turns his disapproving eyes her way she finds it almost impossible to maintain her disguise When the stranger informs her that her brother made him her guardian she s furious Yet what exactly can she do about this Fall in love of courseDaniel returned from the war injured and depressed After a year of healing he reluctantly makes his appearance back in societybut only to find out about his ward How can this be the same woman he felt he knew from his best friend She doesn t seem to care that her brother is dead and flits about like a gadfly But it doesn t take long for Daniel to learn that she has secretsbut unlike the secret he s keeping from her her secrets make him long to be a whole man who could love againOk It s not exactly a new plot but it s done very well and the writing and pacing kept me engaged and interested Although there were times I wanted to smack both lead characters it wasn t enough to make me stop reading There isn t much of a secondary cast and the suspense side plot was rather of a cliche than I would have liked but all in all I m glad I read Emily Bascom s story Just the thing for a lazy summer afternoon

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Ven He's insufferably rude and arrogant and clearly disapproves of her so why does Lily find herself longing for his touchBattle scarred Daniel wants nothing to do with society and intends to sw. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for visit Punya ReviewsMajor Westhaven s Unwilling Ward book 2 in the Westhavens series by Emily Bascom proved to be a major improvement from book 1 This had much to offer to me a sexy and broody war hero and a feisty little heroine who won t give up on him even when I was getting exasperated with him It made the whole affair sweeter and I enjoyed watching the stubborn oaf fall Major Westhaven s Unwilling Ward is set in the 1780s Major Daniel Weshaven has seen it all even though he s only in his early 30s He sure feels like an ancient man He s a war veteran whose career ended swiftly after an injury though failed to take his life left him maimed This harsh reality apart from the fact that he d lost many of his good friends and comrades including Robert Penvensey made Daniel s life unbearable The truth that he d always have to be without a leg hit him hard Daniel didn t know if he d ever be able to keep the promises he made to Robert about his younger sister Lilliana before his death He always wanted Daniel whom he held on high esteem to become Lilliana s guardian The Penvensey siblings were orphans and she d be basically left all alone in the world if Robert s not there for her But a broken angry and frustrated with life Daniel returned home and became a complete recluse He was recuperating at his family estate Oakridge with only a few faithful servants like the old butler John in attendance He didn t want anyone to know about his weakened state The prideful man in him wouldn t let him for you see Daniel was battling not only the demon s of war but also the depression of being made to feel less of a man due to its adverse affect on his bodyFor those who read The Rogue s Kiss book 1 Daniel is Kit and Roisin s son the heir He has siblings but most of them are married living far away None are introduced in this story but only by mention Either way Daniel wouldn t see them neither was he interested in returning to the polite society where he was once very popular if not for his dark good looks but for his charming and confident personality After a year of grieving for his old self Daniel finally takes it up on himself to inuire after his ward secretly also sending her a monthly allowance when it became apparent that she needed it ASAP But most of all Daniel wanted to see her in flesh because in his pain induced fevered dreams Daniel dreamed of the beautiful young blonde girl a small likeness of whom he d seen thanks to Robert before he perished He still possesses that painting till todayLilliana or Lily is in dilemma A seemingly big one After her parents passed away and Robbie went to war she was fortunate enough to stay with an aunt who took her in and loved her as a daughter Heartbreakingly enough Lily got the news of her only brother s passing a year ago Then her aunt s sad demise left her uite effectively alone in this world Her aunt s wastrel of a son is not as caring and wants to sell the small townhouse she d been living in until now Lily doesn t need a lot to go by for she knows how to be frugal She d gotten rid of most of the servants when her financial troubles became very apparent But now she doesn t know how long she has in this house and what she d do if she s forced to leave She s thankful for the small amount of allowance she s been receiving for the past couple of months from a mysterious benefactor whose name her lawyer wouldn t divulge but that he was known to Robbie Lily longs to meet this man and thank him in person if only she could know his identityThe opportunity for them both arrives at a ball that Lily was attending uite in desperation to find a husband before all is lost She knew this is her only chance to solve her financial problems Maybe her last before her cousin decides to throw her out Lily is beautiful and revered by many men for her golden good looks though they don t appear to ask for her hands because of the lack of a dowry Yet there are some young beaus that she d like to impress with in hopes of a proposal Lily s trained in the ways of a Lady of the ton Her experiences have taught her that men generally like vapid twittering women and so she s forced to assume such a fa ade so that she can finally find a husband though she hated every minute of itThis though gets her in trouble with Daniel who identifies her on spot Of course Lily had no idea but when she finds him looking at her she s flustered by his intense stare nonetheless But Daniel wrongly assumes that she s an air headed creature like the rest of her peers here Needless to say he s disgusted He never expected the smart Robert Penvensey s sister to be such a disappointment Maybe it was also because secretly Daniel wanted her to different than the rest of the Ton ladies When they re introduced it was apparent that both harbored dislike for each other Daniel for obvious reasons Lily not knowing why this handsome stranger is so critical of her or why is he so rude as to deny anyone asking for a dance Then she accidentally eavesdrops on him talking to a group of men where he s rather unkind with his words about her vapid nature This really hurts Lily and I could feel her pain This was just a big fat misunderstanding Before the ball ends Daniel decides to introduce himself as Robert s friend and her guardian which definitely shocked Lily into speechlessnessThe very next day while Lily is contemplating why Robert would make a rude man such as Major Westhaven as her guardian he arrives as promised in the ball There he also confesses about sending her money Then he makes it clear that Lily has to move in with him at his townhouse or at Oakridge wherever she likes it the best But Lily has NO intentions of living under his roof I loved it that she doesn t forget to remind Daniel that she d heard him in her own sarcastic way Now it was Daniel who was mortified They manage to have a civil conversation afterwards where they reminisce about Robert Daniel was pretty sure that Lily didn t care for anything but balls and gowns not even her only brother When he hands her over that miniature Robert carried Daniel finds Lily in tears and had to change his mind Of course he was wrong One good thing comes from it though Lily agrees to move in with himNow don t judge Daniel harshly He has suffered enough and has changed after his time in the war Unfortunately he trusts very few people and keeps his life very private because of that damnable pride I never once blamed him for being frustrating in the storyNext when Lily comes to visit Oakridge there is another misunderstanding Daniel is again rather short with John because he made a comment in front of his guests If you ve read book 1 you d know that John has been in Daniel s family for a long time and was a close friend to his father Kit And sadly he s the only character still living from book 1 Kit and Roisin have already passed away Nevertheless Daniel s behavior towards his elderly servant doesn t make him any popular with Lily She s pretty disgusted When she confronts him about it they have a minor spat The result And angry Lily running out in the rain adamant of never living in this arrogant bad mannered man s home Daniel runs after her and we have our first kiss D Well it was bound to happen sooner or later because Lily was attracted to Daniel no matter what I don t think I have to clarify what Daniel felt He was positively having difficulties in keeping his hands to himself which clashed with the words he d given to Robert He was there to protect her and not take advantage Besides he was not ready to divulge his secret to anyone if everDaniel s determination to keep his injury a secret becomes THE ISSUE in the story He d always make sure that no one but a handful of trusted people knew about it even if it kills him even if he hurts someone in the process And he does hurt Lily over and over again every time she tried to get a little closer hoping praying that he ll let her Also their misunderstanding regarding their feelings for one another and the expectations led to a few disasters Being rebuffed by Daniel than once even after melting kisses Lily was sure he s not that interested in her Maybe he prefers experienced women which Lily certainly is not She feels jealous and hurt but she also knows she has no claim on her guardianAt that point a wastrel who was after Lily s now than sufficient dowry decides to take advantage That guy though the heir of an Earl has never before given her any special attention other than mild flirtation until the news that she s Daniel s ward became public He was a spoiled brat who had no respect for women and was very sure that Lily would be over the top after his proposal As in he d be doing a big favor to her for which she d be forever grateful and he can enjoy her dowry to his heart s content Lily and Daniel s misunderstandings work on this guy s favor and he s permitted to court her though none wanted him anywhere near Lily Lily had no particular liking for that guy She just wanted to return the favor to her guardian by getting married ASAP so that he doesn t have to bear her responsibility for long And Daniel thought Lily had feelings for the wastrel As I said misunderstanding and boy was it frustrating I can t really blame Lily because Daniel s earlier comments about her didn t help as that guy was one of the peeps in that gatheringBut when the time came Daniel couldn t come to terms with giving the wastrel the permission to marry Lily He just couldn t see them together secretly acknowledging that it disturbs him to imagine Lily with anyone but himself Daniel wanted her so much yet he thought he s just not man enough and no woman would ever want the half man he d become Obviously he was vulnerable about his injury yet if only he d let Lily in things would be so much different Because of their continued misunderstanding that wastrel was able to take full advantage of it by kidnapping Lily angry after being rejected Debt and greed made him blind a bit insane too and Lily couldn t believe that once upon a time she thought him a friend But thankfully this incident brought some stuff up front Daniel got the scare of his life when he s made aware of the kidnapping I d be superbly unhappy if he was still being obtuse and presumed Lily ran off with that guy but he didn t He saw reason when Lily s maid made some valid points as to why they should consider this a kidnappingThe injury the pain of long hrs of horse riding or exhaustion nothing deterred Daniel from giving them a chase on his own When he finally caught up with them I was than a little thrilled about it It was one of those times in the story where he should ve let his feelings known Unfortunately he still wasn t sure if Lily would welcome him with open arms or be disgusted by his injury that doesn t particularly look pretty I understood his vulnerabilities yet his rejections were hurting Lily and me eually I was than a little frustrated at this point but Lily wouldn t give up on Daniel She kept trying even when he was being short tempered or rude She remembered that day when John told her that the war changed him in ways than one the reason why the old man was never cross with Daniel no matter how he behaved Lily was desperate to find out exactly why and just how much And she wanted to help him a little by offering solace If only he d let her inThe best scene of this book comes at the last chapter where Daniel finally gives in It becomes apparent that after months of being pushed away Lily was going to give up then leave his home because she couldn t live like this any deeply loving a man who wouldn t let her in This was made worse by the fact which Lily instinctively knew by then that Daniel felt the same He cared for her deeply yet he won t trust her with whatever he s keeping a secret Lily was just resigned And that got to him Daniel understood that he needs to take a leap of faith here and now otherwise he might lose what probably is his only chance at happiness That scene was heartbreakingly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes All he needed was Lily s acceptance which she does by opening up her heart to him even Taking him in her arms and by showing him just how much she loves him no matter whatI missed that there wasn t an epilogue much like book 1 After so much push and pull angst and frustration there should ve been one I needed to see them in marital bliss even with children I don t know I just needed to see that love flourishing afterwards Right now I m just glad that I didn t give up after reading book 1 4 stars and recommended

  • Paperback
  • 276
  • Major Westhaven's Unwilling Ward
  • Emily Bascom
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9780373305681

About the Author: Emily Bascom

Emily Bascom started reading Mills & Boon novels at the age of fourteen—which gave her a somewhat unrealistic idea of what to expect from boys her age but stood her in good stead in the long run When she was a child she wanted to be Robin Hood or d'Artagnan Now she wants to be Éowyn from Lord of the RingsEmily lives in London but dreams of moving to Uganda and building herself a house by the

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    If you're a fan of sweeter romantic Harleuin Historical reads you owe it to yourself to pick up Major Westhaven's Unwilling Ward by Emily Bascom This was my first read by this author but I was caught up in the well paced sto

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    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for visit Punya ReviewsMajor Westhaven's Unwilling Ward book 2 in the Westhavens series by Emily Bascom proved to be a major improvement from book 1

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    Really enjoyed this oneMiss Lily is alone in the world since her brother death in the war She has struggled not to let society know the dire straits she is in financially She wants to marry for love but things are getting de

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    This was a fun Harleuin historical and just what I needed after a couple of lackluster Viking romances that almost put me in a reading slump Sometimes you need the tried and true and these category romances often provide

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    I'd say 3 12 I wish we could give 12 starsOverall not bad and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours Light guardian ward romance with a beauty and the beast vibe Nothing taxing or off the beaten path and a HEA is never in doubt Probably the best

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    OMGit was amazing it shows that true love can conuor anything 3

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