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    Uh oh I'm about to be VERY honest here This is a really looooong review I got a lot of splaining to doOkay so I have read there is

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    NopeToo many coincidences too many identical scenes too many similarities to another book I know

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    If your going to write a story then by all means write a story but don't use another author's entire storyline Yes

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    Here are the links US I don’t care if you can’t do this We’re fucking doing it I’m claiming you babe That pussy of yours is mine and I will kill any man who tries to touch it” “I don’t want to be claimed You said I could choose” “You just did when you wrapped your tight little pussy around my cock Now g

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    This whole book makes me angry It is simply to much like something else to be coincidental and I will not not review it because the author doesn't want that as a blogger I feel slighted asking us to review something that is scene by scene another book it's how I feel I'm not posting on my blog or making a huge stink about it it's

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    In regards to this book being the exact same as Bella Jewels's Hell's Knights In my opinion about 70% was the same story linethe last 30% went off in a different direction It was really strange and felt like Deja VuMost scenes were similar were they word for word I don't think so but they definitely were the same scenes The Dad Mum situation The Pimp The Hero even sex on the bike The scene in the fathers home where she washes he

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    ARC provided by Author for Honest ReviewAfter careful consideration I've decided to let this book go There is just too much controversy surrounding the plagiarism of Hell's Knight's compared to this which I have not even read Even so consider

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    This book is just too similar to another biker series that I love by the way I've read to even enjoy it every think from author name to charac

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    Sigh Ok I sat on this for 2 whole days I wasn't going to say anything but I feel like I have to warn people I didn't know anything about this I’m a bookcover whore it looked pretty So I bought itThen I started reading it and got Deja Vu BA

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    To be honest this book just didn't work for me The writing in the beginning was super choppy for me and the story itself including the sex scenes just didn't sell me I normally have to elaborate on as to why it didn't click for me but I can't even answer that myself I just don't know On a side note though those of you not familiar with Lili St Germain's Gypsy Brothers Series better get themselves acuainted They make a

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He's married to the president of the MC Outlaws That's a motorcycle club Maddie's never really been into that shit but she doesn't have a choice And surprisingly she's going to come to rely on the Outlaws than she ever expectedCole isn't the type of guy a girl should fall for He's rough He's demanding and controlling and he doesn't take no for an answer But Maddie finds she can't help herself He's the club's VP and so goddamned hot he'd melt the panties off a nun She knows she should get some mone Here are the links US I don t care if you can t do this We re fucking doing it I m claiming you babe That pussy of yours is mine and I will kill any man who tries to touch it I don t want to be claimed You said I could choose You just did when you wrapped your tight little pussy around my cock Now get on the bike Cole

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Underworld Champions MC Outlaw #1

Y under her belt and run The past has an uncanny ability to always catch up with you But something keeps her running to that sexy biker ColeBut Cole has a past as well and when both of their pasts collide nothing short of a catastrophe ensues Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other Will Cole be her ChampionSIDENOTE All allegations against this author have been dealt with via the proper channels procedures The matter has been resolved between the relevant parties involved Thank y Sigh Ok I sat on this for 2 whole days I wasn t going to say anything but I feel like I have to warn people I didn t know anything about this I m a bookcover whore it looked pretty So I bought itThen I started reading it and got Deja Vu BAD So after reading the whole thing here is my honest opinion Ok here goes 1st The Synopsis is wrong It s her Mum that dies and she goes to her Dad who is the MC President 2nd Remember the D j vu feeling I said before I had it for about 85% of the book I had it because I had read the book before Except the book I read was Bella Jewel s Hells Knights After I had read it I jumped on here and found out I wasn t the only one Apparently some things were changed honestly it wasn t much Except Addi became Maddie and Cade became Cole I fully understand that typical genre s are going to go down the same path sometimesIe College romances 9 times out of ten the nerd virgin is the heroine Love triangles usually one of the guys Is the best friend Rom Com the heroine always does something hilariously embarrassing Bikers they re always bad ass alphas s Unfortunately there was just TOO many in this book The Names The Junkie Mum The pimp wanting revenge The Dad that wanted her all along The Sex in on the Bike Her freaking out after the sex on the bike The club whore showdown just to name a fewSo because of that I am not rating this book Honestly if I hadn t read Bella s book this book could have had potential I wasn t overly in love with Maddie and Cole and some of their scenes were just weird not HOT But yeah I ll let you be the judge

Free read Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò Ella Stone

CONTENT WARNING This book is NOT suitable for under 18s It contains graphic sex violence and drug use Please do not read if you are easily offendedMaddie never asked for the life she was given She simply played the hand she was dealt So when her sorry excuse for a father suddenly dies she wants nothing than to leave her old life behind But with no money to back her her options are very limited Her only option is to go to the one person who should have been taking care of her all along her mother S Uh oh I m about to be VERY honest here This is a really looooong review I got a lot of splaining to doOkay so I have read there is a rumor that Underworld Champions is a plagiarized version of Bella Jewels Hell s Knights book There is a lot of who said what or who emailed what But I m just here to review as a reader and this reader has already read Hell s Knights so a plus for me I get to see if the rumors are true or notSo first I ll walk you through my thoughts going into Underworld Champions hearing that it was a copy of Hell s Knights I thought to myself well they are both MC books they both have drugs and they both have a girl meets boy so of course they are going to be similar So I dove in thinking probably going to be similar but not exactly the same right20% in and it was confirmed I couldn t believe there was scene after scene the same as Hell s Knights it continued on like this until about 70% then it was bits and pieces here and there that was the same until the end So then I think to myself am I going to review this and then I thought well the arc was sent to the blog I write for and I did read the whole thing so I should write a review but it s just going to be a very honest and blunt review So lets go shall we The story begins with Madeline attending her mother s funeral Her mother died of a drug overdose and this time Madeline was too late to save her Madeline hates her mother for the life she has had to grow up in and needs to leave town straight away to escape her mother s drug dealerI m nineteen I ve spent most of my life taking care of a drug fucked mother cleaning up her messes again and again and again Now that she s dead I don t need to stick around any She s gone and I don t owe her or her fucking dealer anythingAfter her father gives her his contact details and address and says to call if she needs anything Madeline decides to go and see him for a place to stay She gets to the MC compound but can t find a way in so she heads for her father s home and gets in through a window What Madeline doesn t know is the house is alarmed so when she comes out of the shower her father and some of his men are with him asking what the hell is she doing there Madeline explains she needs a place to stay just for a little while until she gets some money together Then Madeline notices Cole standing in the hallway and is instantly attracted to himHe has dark messy hair and blue eye s so piercing that I swear they re lasering the seam of my panties as we speak Because ladies those panties are about to drop Oh My GodHer father sets her up to work in the bar at the MC Compound to help out and earn her keep Soon she realises she has Cole s attention and his latest biker whore Moniue s attention as well who tells her to stay away from Cole Madeline plans on staying away from him but can t deny that her body responds to him One day Madeline catches Cole and Moniue being intimate and just stands there and watches she claps at the end and Cole tells Moniue to get lost then moves to Madeline and tells her he would rather it be her and continues to relieve Madeline of her built up sexual frustrationNot long after that Cole decides that he wants to take Madeline as his old lady and they both start a relationship Then Liam Madeline s mother s drug dealer finds her and tells Madeline she has 5 days to come to him willingly or The Gypsy MC will be starting a war with The Outlaws to get her back Madeline now knows that in order to prevent a war she needs to leave her father and Cole so she plans on savoring the next 5 days then leaving them for good In this time she becomes Cole s old lady by getting a tattoo on her forearm that says Property of Cole VP That s how they get married in the club After on a couple of days Madeline realises she needs to leave earlier than she thought so she finds out about an underground evacuation tunnel and leaves in the middle of the night But those tunnels have sensors so she is caught at the end of the tunnel and is forced to tell Cole and her father that if she doesn t leave a war will start Cole tells her he is not letting her go and they will go ahead with the war together and fight or die together The Gypsy s turn up at the compound throwing heads of the dead bike members who were on look out for any enemies The war has started and Madeline see s all the destruction so she decides to get out to the front and turn herself over to the Gypsy s so they can deliver her to Liam When she is dropped off at a hotel where Liam has instructed her to be she is taken to a room and sadly is raped by two men at the same time She has just cleaned up when Liam enters and says that he missed her and is about to violate her as well when Cole comes and saves MadelineMadeline is finally back at the compound and safe Cole and The Outlaws have gone after The Gypsy MC and got revenge except on 2 other members that fled to the US but Cole promises Madeline he will get revenge for herThere is a happy ending I guess in this book the ending is a HEA but the story is left open for Now I will be talking about what I didn t like about the situations characters and similarities If you like this book STOP HEREOk so even if I hadn t recognised this book as being so much like Hell s Knights I would have only 2 starred it To me it was rushed the way Cole and Madeline got together was one minute he s banging other chicks the next minute he is saying stop playing games your mine and that s it What games I read nothing about games just 1 minute she meets him then she see s him with another women then he gets Madeline off then he says your mine Sooooo fast And going from one woman then to being intimate with Madeline made me feel ueasyNow the sex scene s were off Madeline and Cole s always came off cheap and gross There was one sex scene where it was meaningful but even that didn t come across very well as what I think the author wanted it to portray The story confused me at times and changed direction towards the end The fighting captive scene s were all over the place And also since there is no warnings in the synopsis I m going to warn ya ll Yes I am Australian but damn I love saying ya ll there are VERY graphic rape and child abuse scene s in this bookNow the similarities between books I found wereThe home situation with her mother and her mother s pimpdrug dealerHow her mother died and her not being there in time to save her this timeThe HeroSex on the bike Her fathers home how she has a fight with her dad goes and cries eats pizza with him finds out he didn t leave her Walking in on the hero getting a head job Fighting with the club whore Buying new clothes the hero paying for her new leatherHer freaking out after the sex on the bikeThere are a lot but I think you get what I mean when by 20% I felt like I had read this beforeIn an email Ella has asked readers to decide for themselves Well Miss Stone this is my review and this is what I thought of it I hope you take my comments as constructive criticism And understand that when there are so many similarities between your book and someone else s it s hard to believe this is a coincidenceBlog I reviewed for is A is for Alpha B is for Books you can check us out here my link textARC provided by author for an honest review