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    45 Cranky Stars Four standalone stories take place at the mystical Hotel Toujours A little paranormal and mystery with some raunch thrown in on the side This was a perfect read for the train trip I took on FridayFire and Ice by Elise Faber 4 stars This story feels like part of a series It's easy to follow but the

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    Four great stories by four different authors My favorite ones were Rendezvous in Room 311 and Wishes I highly recommend you read this book

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    One great collection of authors These stories will have you wanting to make a special trip to Hotel ToujoursFIRE AND ICE by Elise FaberThe Forgotten humans who had been experimented on during WWII in an attempt to activate genes in their DNA that would enable them to control elemental magic they fled certain death at the hands of the Dalsh

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    This is a collection of four paranormals with a touch of romance This is for adults only due to the sexual content I am familiar with Elise Faber and KD Wood both are excellent writers so I was anxious to see what they had written But I now have a couple new authors that I will most definitely wanting to read from When I started the book I was expecting to read Christmas stories with all the glitter and sparkles but there is so m

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    Frost is a well written imaginative anthology I loved how all of the stories centered around the Hotel Toujours—an odd hotel that offers some

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    My actual rating for this collection is a 35 but since I can’t give a half rating I marked it as a 3 This collection is from four different authors who were all new authors to me The setting of all four of the stories take place at the same location The Hotel Toujours in New Orleans We do get to see a couple

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    A great book with excellent reads Fire and Ice by Elise FaberSteph has been living under the radar since a tragic accident

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    Frost is a wonderful collection of stories that take place around the mysterious Hotel Toujours If you love parano

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    If you love paranormal mystery and romance then you will loved this anthology The anthology has something for everyone and I enjoyed each story Fire and Ice by Elise Faber 35 stars This story revolves around Stephanie and Dom two humans that

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    Frost A Rendezvous Collection is a captivating read by four amazing and talented authorsThe anthology includesFire and Ice by Elise FaberFire and Ice is a spin off series based on Elise’s Phoenix Series Fire and Ice revolves arou

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Fire And IceTen years ago one mistake decimated Steph’s life In the decade since she has worked her ass off to scrape together some semblance of a happy lifeNow the man responsible for the devastation has suddenly returned to Steph’s life and is demanding that she return homeDom may be tall dark and ridiculously sexy but he’s also annoying and pushy and Steph isn’t thrilled to be taking any of his orders even when a group of Dalshie – read really bad guys who do all sorts of evil magic – show up to try to kidnap herStill Steph doesn’t let anyone else fight her battles not even when it’s easier to and not even when the man who makes her heart pound and her soul spark to life is the one who wants to fight them for herShe and Dom have to find a way to put aside the past and work together but will the fiery attraction between them burn out before they have can have a shot a futureRen. Four great stories by four different authors My favorite ones were Rendezvous in Room 311 and Wishes I highly recommend you read this book

Summary Frost Author Elise Faber

Frost Author Elise Faber

Dezvous in Room 311When Chief Warrant Officer Brock Stephens promised his fiancée Captain Keely Green until death us do part he never expected death to collect on that promise so soonEvery year they get only one night together in the haunted Hotel Toujours deep in the French uarter where they spent their wedding nightDespite an especially hard year while on deployment in Ira Keely wouldn't miss this year's anniversary date for anything If everything goes as planned she'll have one chance to redo their forever This time around Keely's not taking any crap from death No matter how high the priceWishesOne lucky visitorYouOne unfortunate JinnMeYou get three wishesThe rules1You can’t wish for wishes2You can’t ask me to kill someone or cause bodily harm to anybody3You can’t ask for world peace or anything like that4You can’t ask me to make other people love or hate you5You can’t ask me to br. Frost is a well written imaginative anthology I loved how all of the stories centered around the Hotel Toujours an odd hotel that offers something different for each of its guests There is a common theme running throughout the anthology love and discovery Fire and Ice It was the first time I d ever read anything by Elise Faber I loved straight forward style and the honesty in her words Fire and Ice had great characters Although these characters have appeared in other books her Phoenix series and her LexTal series I never got the feeling that I was missing something There was enough back story included to let me get a good feel for each characterMy favorites were Dom and Steph They were both strong characters who had to allow their walls to thaw Once the walls came down they were able to accept some hard truths in their livesGreat story I have added the Phoenix series and the LexTal series to my TBR I can t wait to read about the evil twisted Dalshie Rendezvous in Room 311 KD Wood crafted an unexpected love story which I just loved It was heartfelt and nearly moved me to tears I just loved the characters of Brock and Keely They were an unlikely couple who experienced a great love Brock was self assured yet caring Keely was strong and determined The spark ignited between them was greater than any fireworks displayI definitely did not envision how this would end It blew my mind but it was the perfect endingGreat job Wood It s the third title I ve read by her She s uickly becoming one of my go to authors Wishes CC Ravanera is a new author for me This will not be the last thing I read by her Out of all the stories I think Wishes was my favoriteOnce again we get another set of well developed characters in an interesting story I loved her take on a djinn Ambroise was a complex persona who tugged at my heart strings It was obvious to me what was going on with Michele But just like Ambroise I turned a blind eye hoping for a better outcomeRavanera wrote a beautiful timeless love story It was so touching The Things We Leave Behind Kelly Martin s story was the appropriate final story It just left me speechlessGranted I was suspect about the characters early on in the story but the premise kept me reading The character of Will was awesome He was so broken The death of his wife was tragic and it left him empty He had nothing left to live for without this woman in his life Jodi was endearing You knew she had a job to do but it was than just an obligation for her Another great love story to end an anthology built around paranormal romanceI enjoyed Frost a lot The stories stayed with you seriously I dreamt about the hotel Each story had two constant characters the hotel and Higgins The details in each story were perfect Finally each story was full of emotion Frost will not disappoint you It s a must read anthology

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Eak all these rulesBut nobody told me what would happen if I broke these rulesI wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you You weren’t supposed to mat teryet now I can’t think of a world without you in itWho can blame me for what I’m about to doThe Things We Leave BehindFive years ago Will Jenkins' wife was killed in a car accident on the way to the Hotel ToujoursThree weeks ago a hunter by the name of Jodi Granger shows up on Will's doorstep talking about vengeful spirits and 'moving on'Will's wife is haunting room 614 at the infamous hotel not just haunting she's become a vengeful violent spiritJodi needs Will's help to guide the spirit into the afterlife because if it stays it will become and violent and can destroy them allWhen it comes to death it's the things we leave behind the things we need to say that keep us here Can Will help his wife find peace and at the same time find his ow. A great book with excellent reads Fire and Ice by Elise FaberSteph has been living under the radar since a tragic accident forced her to leave her community That is until Dom repairs in her life tell her its time to go home She ignores his warnings until she is attacked and nearly kidnapped Reluctently she returns home with Dom the two have history and sparks soon fly Can Steph get over the accident that forced her to leave to find happiness within herself and a future with Dom Rendezvous in Room 311 by KD WoodBrock Stephans life was taken too soon from the love of his life Keely Green so he sticks a bargain to return ones a year on his anniversary Heartbroken Keely accepts this without uestion and she doesn t learn the cost of this bargain until the 5th year anniversary of his death his memories of her and in the end his soul Is Keely s love for Brock strong enough to break the contract and insure a happily ever afterWishes by CC Ravanera One lucky visitorYouOne unfortunate djinnMeYou get three wishesWhat happens with the djinn falls in love with women who temporarily freed him and gained 3 wishes Will they get a happily ever afterThe Things We Leave Behind by Kelly MartinWill has been a drunken mess his is wife died in a car accident 5 years ago in fact he is already to join her when Jodi arrives on his door step asking for his help It turns out when his wife Jessica died she didn t cross over but has been haunting a room at the Hotel Toujours The attacks on the guests have gotten worse to the point guests have been killed A ghost hunter of sorts Jodi is convinced Will is the key to getting his wife to move on How ever Jodi hasn t told Will the whole truth about the situation and will he be able to figure out what happens to himself when he gets so angry he blacks outKelly Martin is the only author of the four I have read before I really enjoyed all the stories and will read other works by the CC Ravager KD Wood and Elise Faber