[The Minotaurs Mate [BOOK] Free read DOC By Elise Artez

Elise Artez Þ 6 characters

Running from her past is nothing compared to the challenge of suppressing her intense attraction to the honorable minotaur Rogan Can she deny the inexplicable tie that bind.

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The Minotaurs Mate

Seuel to the 47 star rated erotic romance The Minotaur's Mate Kiryn's world is thrust into chaos once when her mother the Baroness of Arenai arrives at the minotaur farm But.

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S her to the beastman who's claimed her as his mate The sizzling romance between Kiryn and Rogan continues in this second book of The Minotaur's Mate series Book 1 is now FR.

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  1. says:

    very short read not a lot to it and a cliff hanger I wont be looking for the others sorrytaken off kindle

  2. says:

    I love this storyI can't wait until rest of the story it makes me crazy leaving it without the story finishes I want to know the rest

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